If I could master a hobby, it would be to create macramé. Seriously, I can’t get enough of it! It’s the perfect wall accessory for just about any room. I can remember my grandma having macramé in her home many moons ago. Back then I wasn’t too keen on it. Now, different story. I even have it in my own home (see below). What are your thoughts on macramé?

Image via The Brick House, a pair & a spare, Sally England (x2), my home via Hayneedle.


4 comments on “Macramé…

  1. Carly on said:

    This is too funny, as I was just talking to my mom about her glory days with macrame in the ’70’s. Love these modern examples, though!

  2. Naphtali on said:

    The answer is yes! And, I’m working on it. And, my inspiration photo that I have been looking at for a while is that photo above (white with the pop of color). And, I hope to master something similar. We shall see. ;) For now, I’ve add baskets to my life. A much faster ‘wall’ transformation. xo

  3. Jill on said:

    I love your pieces. I macramed in the 70s and have been thinking about starting up again. I have a beautiful sampler wall hanger my mother in law did years ago. It’s my favorite!

  4. emilie on said:

    where can you find any of these?

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