Misha and more…

A girl in Misha Lulu...

A girl in Misha Lulu...

A girl in Misha Lulu...

On a non decor related subject…

I adore Misha Lulu!!  All of my favorite dresses for E Jo are Misha Lulu.  (Above is the latest in our dress collection.)  The details are always perfect and the mix and match of fabrics are SO fun.  Thank you Misha Lulu for making it fun to dress up!!  And thank you Eden Jo for being the cutest little girl alive!

Hey, did I tell you that I am heading to Alt Summit next week??  I am totally excited to meet SO many amazing peeps and learn from the best!  I am also speaking along side the talented Jamie Derringer, Kelly Beall and Suann Song.  We are speaking on balancing social media and your work.  This can be quite a juggling act for some people.  We are hoping to bring clarity and light to the subject.  If you have anything that you want covered or questions on this subject, please let us know!

One last thing… Issue 4 of Pure Green Living Magazine is out!!! This latest issue is full of eco design goodness with some lovely added editors! Make sure to check out my B/A on page 32.

Have a great weekend!!! xxoo

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Comments (7)

  1. I love you, Eden Jo. The dress is gorgeous. I need one too. Come and see me! xo, cousin Lily

  2. This dress is adorable, but your daughter makes it look so. I had to look into this line of clothing for my girls. I’m getting tired of GAP and Crewcuts, although they are cute too. Thanks for the tip.
    I would love to go to the summit, it looks like going to be lots of awesome information and a great place to meet other fellow bloggers.

  3. Hi Kirsten!! Thanks for the post about Pure Green Mag! It is much appreciated as always… many readers have said that your B&A is one of their favourite columns! Hooray! Good luck also at Alt… I hope it goes amazing! Wish I was going.