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Modern Wind Chime Round-Up

modern wind chime round-up via Simply Grove

Via CB2

Wind chimes often have such a pleasant sound but also look like they should be on your grandmothers back porch. We scoured the web to find 12 modern wind chimes that belong with you and not your grandmother. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

modern wind chimes

modern wind chime round-up via Simply Grove

row 1

  • Bell No2 from Etsy $18
  • Agate Windchime from Soul Makes $30
  • Woodstock Temple Bells from Hayneedle $32.30
  • Trent wind chime from CB2 $34.95

row 2

row 3

  • Unravel India wind chime from eBay $98.99
  • Large Color Block Porcelain Bell from Etsy $105
  • Stoneware moon phases bell from Pistils Nursery $200
  • Mquan Gray stripe bell from Koromiko $200

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