My Backyard Is BBQ Ready

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

With our renovation underway, our home is a disaster. A clean disaster, but still, it’s a wreck! We needed one space to retire to during these hot summer months. Ace Hardware approached me about partnering to get our backyard bbq ready and I quickly said yes! I had already devised a plan for what furniture and feel I wanted for this space. One of the items that was and is a necessity for us is a gas bbq. I have always loved the look of Weber grills. They are clean and modern. And the color choices are always on point! Ace Hardware’s local teams can deliver AND install these grills in your home. This installation service is brand new and brilliant for our summer needs.

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Our new home has a built in kitchen area, which is great for prepping food. The grill part that you see is just a charcoal grill, so a gas grill was needed. I chose the dark green option because I love green and I didn’t want to choose something predictable for this space. Plus this gorgeous green fits right in with all of the luscious greens showcased in our backyard.

The process was quite simple for the installation. They came right to our front door, unloaded the bbq in the backyard, gave us a simple tutorial and that was that! It didn’t take up any time and was easy peasy.

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Here is an EASY DIY for your summer potting needs!

I’m sure you have lots of flowers and plants to pot, and pots are not the cheapest. So find some inexpensive options and spray paint them whatever color you desire. I wanted to stick with black because I knew I was going to mix and match with more natural ceramics. So I chose a planter with some texture and spray painted it black using Krylon black satin. Um, SO EASY!! Anyone can do it.

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Our backyard is now ready to entertain all summer long!! Now to work on the rest of the house…

Get backyard BBQ ready with Ace via Simply Grove

Congrats Ro!! You are the winner!

To celebrate backyard living, Ace is giving away a $350 gift card to one lucky winner! Comment below for a chance to win!

Shop my Weber Grill here.

Come back soon to find out where I got all of this awesome furniture!

This post was sponsored by Ace Hardware. All opinions are my own. Thank you
for allowing me to continue to do what I love and share what I love!​

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Comments (33)

  1. Would be thrilled and honored to win this gift. Thank you for the opportunity. ❤️

  2. Your outdoor space is what dreams are made of. Seriously so gorgeous! I would love to win and buy an outdoor table and chairs set. I don’t have any currently and they’re just what my patio needs 🙂
    Thanks for hosting such a FUN + GENEROUS giveaway! – #bringonsummer xo heather

  3. Great Choice on the color of the BBQ, and I love the Idea of using spray paint for the Pots. I just did the same thing this weekend for some Ugly pots I had just sitting around, now in uses for some veggies plants.

  4. So beautiful and clean ❤️
    Love your aesthetic and that you’re a fellow Idahoan! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate and congrats on your sweet grill!

  5. I love your backyard! So modern and pretty. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  6. Love this outdoor space & the furniture! We are in the midst of adding an outdoor area for our family! Would be so excited to be a lucky winner!
    Cheers to summer!!

  7. This is such a stunning place! I think the weber fits right in, and I can’t wait to hear about the furniture.

  8. Cannot wait to see where the furniture is from! We just bought a new webber grill and are looking to outfit the back patio of our new home. 🙂

  9. I was at Ace today. I’d love to buy some plants and flowers for my patio.

  10. Our house was abandoned for 10 years before we bought it. We have been working HARD pulling all overgrown things out, but this would help so much with putting the new, beautiful parts in!

  11. Wow. Nice backyard. Perfect for summer. I love ace. Would love to give our back porch a makeover like yours 😉

  12. I have a similar space and just painted my brick wall black and I like the way it makes the green plants pop. Now to get the rest of the space BBQ ready!

  13. I’ve finally been bitten by the spring cleaning bug. I’m working on our backyard and also our basement.

  14. I have a teensy patio I can’t wait to pretty up for some regular use. It’s a great spot for morning coffee.