My bathroom redo…..

My hubby and I recently revamped our powder room. I wanted a quick fix to what I felt was to dark of a room so we (hubby did most of it) painted the walls a crisp white, wallpapered the ceiling and painted the mirror a sunny yellow. I am happy with the results. Its bright, chic and cheery!

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24 comments on “My bathroom redo…..

  1. This looks incredible! That mirror really adds so much more character to the room. So fun! I love it!

  2. Callie Grayson on said:

    where did you find that mirror??? i have been looking for one!love what you did!the yellow is a perfect pop of colour

  3. Down Pillow on said:

    I totally love it!!! I would never have thought of wallpapering the ceiling & leaving the walls solid – great idea. Love the bright yellow mirror, too :)

  4. simplesong on said:

    the ceiling is amazing! lovely!

  5. The Lil Bee on said:

    B-T-dubs: When I saw this on D*S I told my husband about it. Then I told my mom about it. That's how much I loooove it. It's genius, Grovey. Plain and simple.

  6. belinda on said:

    love it – so bright and cheery and looks like a totally new room. i love a ceiling surprise – i painted stars on my kids room ceiling. great job!

  7. nice! the yellow is such a popper – good choice! and the ceiling wall paper? I love it! My mom once did the same in our powder room, with wallpaper that had a cloud feel to it. It was very cool… thanks for sharing. I'm inspired!

  8. The mirror is great and the wallpaper on the ceiling is genius!

  9. bagfashionista on said:

    i love the wallpaper that you have (it's the same one in your bedroom?) would you mind sharing where it's from? i'm looking for something similar, but in a grey/blue for my guest br…

  10. That looks lovely! Wallpaper on the ceiling in a small room is a fun idea!

  11. Krissy on said:

    love it!!! I too am curious where the mirror came from?

  12. Kenziepoo on said:

    Love your Redo!! I love the paper on the ceiling, and am in love with the yellow mirror!

  13. SimplyGrove on said:

    Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! xxCallie and Krissy- I got the mirror at Target a few years ago. It was apart of the Global Bazaar section.bagfashionista- It is the same as my bedroom. I had so much extra that I wanted to use it somewhere else. I purchased it at a local wallpaper store. Here is a similar design…

  14. SimplyGrove on said:

    Thank you so much Bee!!!! xx

  15. Jennifer Ramos on said:

    BEAUTIFUL!Jen Ramos'Cards & Prints You'll Love…'

  16. Blair on said:

    OH, it looks fabulous! Good work.

  17. Amanda Nicole on said:

    Ooo, I love! The yellow mirror and wallpaper look fabulous together.

  18. please sir on said:

    The mirror really pops – what a great quick fix!

  19. Lovely Little Nest on said:

    WOW – that yellow paint really made a difference! It looks fabulous :) I just love your home!

  20. Montanna on said:

    I just love what you did to your bathroom! Very unique and a great pick of colors!

  21. The Elegant Thrifter on said:

    And you wallpapered your ceiling. Genius! Why are people so afraid of wallpaper??I also love that little piece of something on the wall opposing your sink. What is that? Stan

  22. SimplyGrove on said:

    Thank you Stan!! It is a small vintage mirror that I painted white:) And i agree, people are afraid of wallpaper and it makes such a fun statement!!!! xx

  23. this looks amazing! It adds such a fun and swanky element.

  24. AphroChic on said:

    You always do the most lovely things. Love the yellow!

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