My Desk…

Several of you have inquired about my desk in my office space. Well pleasantly enough, my husband built it. It’s hands down my favorite piece in this space. And I think it goes so well with my other pieces, including the bookcase and filing cabinet from Hayneedle, which you can read more about here.

If you are wanting a custom piece similar to this desk or if you have any other wood furniture needs, my father in law is a incredible woodworker (which is where my husband gets it) and can create almost anything. So local peeps, take advantage of this. And non-local peeps, he ships! Email me at simplygrove22@gmail.com if interested.

All photos by Sara K Byrne for Rue Daily.

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  1. Do you happen to know which book case that is? I can’t seem to find it on hayneedle. I absolutely love it!