My Duvet from Schoolhouse Electric…

I know that you’ve seen quite a few images of my bedroom recently. Mostly because I’ve been putting a lot of attention into creating exactly what I want for my bedroom. I’m loving my latest addition, the Imperfect Plus Duvet Cover from Schoolhouse Electric. The fern-green plus signs are designed by Portland artist Ashley Goldberg. I’m totally digging this look! And I’m digging the mix of the plus signs and striped sheets, also from Schoolhouse Electric. Thank you Schoolhouse Electric for being awesome!

Shop Schoolhouse Electric here.

5 comments on “My Duvet from Schoolhouse Electric…

  1. Erica on said:

    Schoolhouse is one of my favorite things about Portland!

  2. caroline [the diy nurse] on said:

    I’m loving it! The contrast is perfection

  3. Kati on said:

    This is such a beautiful duvet cover and it fits the rest of the bedroom perfectly.

  4. Abbie on said:

    Love this! So beautiful. Thinking of ordering some of the yellow floral bedding for Paige’s new bedroom :) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Allison Corona on said:

    I love these photos, Kirsten!

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