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Living Space design by Simply Grove

If there is one thing that I suggest investing in for your living space, it’s a good sofa. Nothing beats a comfortable yet stylish sofa. It changes the look of your living room almost immediately. I’ve had quite the variety of sofas these past few years and I think I’ve landed on my absolute favorite! Let me introduce you to the Edvin sofa from Modani. This sofa is apart of their Mid-Century Modern collection, which has great options for any design enthusiasts.

Modani was founded in 2007 by 3 Parisians– Nathan Cohen, Steven Athea, and Yonel Fellous. They wanted to create designer furniture that would incorporate modern European style and affordable prices for maximum accessibility. Modani has made a goal to create lines of furniture that would be ultra modern, yet affordable to everyone. They also have a vast variety of styles that anyone can appreciate.

Living Space design by Simply Grove

Living Space design by Simply Grove

Living Space design by Simply Grove

Below are a few of my favorite Modani pieces.

Modani Collage via simply grove

Chair, Bed, Sofa, Chair, Table

Shop Modani here.

AND come back tomorrow for more details about my living room!


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