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My Original BTC Dining Light Still Wins

If you’ve been following me for, you recently saw my dining/kitchen makeover. One of my favorite details is the Original BTC’s Pembridge Pendant Light. It’s one of those pieces that feels timeless and classy. I am so impressed with Original BTC and everything that they create! Below is a Q&A with Peter Bowles, the managing director of British Lighting manufacturer, Original BTC

Are there any specific trends in lighting you expect to see in 2019?

“The blending and coordinating of different materials and metal finishes are growing in popularity across manufacturing, but especially when it comes to lighting. There is also an increasing demand for ‘the real thing’ – that is, designers and end-consumers alike are trading plastic and faux materials for higher quality, often handmade products.”

How will trends differ from one another across rooms, such as the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?

“Want your kitchen or dining room (in this case) to feel like the heart of the home? Install pendant lighting over a central focal point, like the kitchen table or island, that attracts people and encourages them to stay a while and socialize.”

Are there any sculptural elements or shapes that you are seeing as a new trend or resurgence from vintage design in lighting?

“Among people who desire to make their lights into a focal point, sculptural lights are especially popular. Our Cranton and Pembridge pendants are excellent examples of this, both magnificent statement pieces for dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms and sitting rooms. They are comprised of overlapping bone china discs, which when lit, produce a warm, ambient light with striking forms and shadows.”

Why was is this pendant a great fit for dining rooms?

“Within specific design styles, there are trends that emerge. For example, geometric shapes are popular for sleek, contemporary interiors, while softer, more organic forms are appealing for spaces to feel cozy and inviting.”

We are seeing an increase in oversized lighting, such as large pendants over kitchen tables. Why does this appeal to customers?

“Large light fixtures serve as excellent focal points in kitchens, living rooms, foyers and more. Oversized pendants are a great way to make a bold statement because they provide a sense of artistry without taking up any functional space.”

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions, Peter!

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