My Patio and Philips Lighting via Simply Grove

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My Patio and Philips Lighting

My Patio and Philips Lighting via Simply Grove

Spring and summer call for patio hangouts. We use our patio almost every day. Whether it’s for eating, lounging or playing, we are out there until well after the sun sets.

The best part of our patio is that it is covered, so if it’s raining, we can enjoy the fresh air and even watch a thunderstorm roll through town. Mid-century homes consistently have some of the greatest covered patios. When we first looked at this home, it was the patio that caught our eyes immediately, and the styling started to come together in my head. I knew that this would be a place where our family would gather often and memories would be made.

Because we use our patio every night, string lights alone don’t cut it. They don’t provide enough lighting to play games and really enjoy each other’s company when it gets late. Sitting in the dark is not fun! I know that we wouldn’t spend as much time out there if it weren’t for the recessed lighting we are lucky to have.

My Patio and Philips Lighting via Simply Grove

We recently installed Philips Classic Glass LED light bulbs to perfect the lighting for this patio. The Daylight tone keeps the space looking clean and modern, while also providing the bright light needed, whether we are eating in the dining area, relaxing in the living space or using the BBQ. Just last night, we were eating hamburgers and corn on the cob in the dining area. It was summer magic!

My Patio and Philips Lighting via Simply Grove

If you are looking to do any late-night outdoor entertaining, here are a few other tips and tricks that will create a successful evening!

  1. Light candles for even more ambiance. If you use the bug repellent candles, you’re not only setting the mood, you’re also helping your guests to not get eaten alive.
  2. Have extra blankets on hand if the evening decides to get a little chilly.
  3. Music is a must. Bring a Bluetooth speaker outside and watch the stars, while grooving to your favorite band.
  4. Keep the snacks coming. I love to entice my guests with lots of yummy treats and drinks. It can be as easy as setting out a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

via simply grove

It’s easy to forget the importance of lighting an outdoor space. Not only do you need the right light to see what you are doing, but also to create the mood of that space. I love that these lights are bright – just by flipping the switch, the space gets this incredible light quality; there is no slow start or waiting for the LEDs, so my friends, family and I can have fun out here on the patio.

I also appreciate the nice glass aesthetic of the Philips light bulbs, and that we can still benefit from energy- and cost-savings that come with using LEDs. Now, we can enjoy our time well into the night even more.

Disclosure: Compensation and product for this post was provided by Philips Lighting. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Love this. I’m pretty partial to the string lights, but I agree, summer is just meant to be spent on a patio in the evenings 🙂