My Projects {Dining Space}…

I’ve been working on some projects the last few months that have been a bit hush hush. Mostly because of timing, publication possibilities ect. Today I just HAVE to show you a sneak peek of a condo space I worked on a few months back. The owners wanted a mid century/modern space filled with character, warmth and beauty. The entire condo looks amazing but I have to say that my favorite room is the dining room. The mix of woods, colors, metals and textures look eye popping. The entire condo has an abundance of light so it was easy to use tones that need extra sunlight. And can we talk about that map?? I scored it at a small shop that sells quirky industrial products. The price was unbeatable!

I’ll be able to show you more of this space in the future!


4 comments on “My Projects {Dining Space}…

  1. April Louise on said:

    Wow I want to see the rest! I really like the world map. Great job, looks like a fun project.

  2. simplygrove on said:

    Thanks so much April!!

  3. Hi,

    This is lovely. What’s the make and model of the dining chairs pictured here?

  4. Samantha on said:

    This space looks amazing, where are the dining chairs from??

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