My Wool Blanket…

When my uncle passed away this past March, I inherited some amazing accessories and art from his home.  One of the items that I treasure most is this wool blanket (below).  I have it draped at the bottom of my bed.  It’s a bit too itchy to use a day to day blanket so it’s more for looks.  It’s the perfect balance of laid back vintage with a little modern chicness.

The above quilt is Anthro’s Rosette bedding…another fave!!  It’s like sleeping with a sweatshirt!

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Comments (6)

  1. I love the sentiment and the blanket. It’s funny how as I get older I tend to appreciate the things past down to me from family.


  2. Lovely idea. Some things best for display anyways!
    I cannot do itchy. AT.ALL. Funny how some people are sensitive to the itch! I wouldn’t even be able to touch it!

  3. What a beautiful piece to treasure—a reminder each day of your uncle. I am sorry for your loss, but happy that there is a little reminder of him with you 🙂