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I cant wait for the release of this book! Really, I cant. Downtown Chic by Robert and Cortney Novogratz of SIXX Design (named after there 6 children which now total up to seven children) is full of great incite and great style. Describing their signature style as a sophisticated but bohemian mix of high and low, new and old, they offer their realistic advice on how to create original and warm interiors with ease. There is 10 projects features which include a townhouse in NYC, a country house in Masachusetts and a beach house in Brazil. Release date is set at April, 28th. Preorder now!

Thank you to Material Girls for featuring my home on there “Blogger’s Homes Unveiled“.
If you need something fun to do this weekend why not enter this contest.
Please have a great weekend!! I’m off to visit family in the Northwest.

10 comments on “Need a read?

  1. Michelle on said:

    this is definitely getting added to my must read list. thanks!

  2. Rachel Mallon on said:

    This looks like such a fun book!

  3. please sir on said:

    With a cover like that…it looks good!!!

  4. Sabina on said:

    Looks interesting!!:)

  5. Stellar Design on said:

    Finally. You read my mind. This book holds dear potential to defuse the monotony of elementary jargon that has clogged the free flowing thoughts of genius design for all too long. Simply, I must say that your blog has inspired the virtue of my soul to dream again. Thanks

  6. Fifi Flowers on said:

    I saw your home on their site… quite LOVELY!ENJOY your weekend!Fifi

  7. knack on said:

    I can’t wait until this comes out! Looks great!I enjoyed seeing pictures of your house…. beautiful!!

  8. Callie Grayson on said:

    hope you had a wonderful trip to the northwest visiting family.thanks for the share about the book. always looking for great books to add to my library.

  9. Gypsy Lynne on said:

    that cover is amazing!

  10. SimplyGrove on said:

    Thanks Callie. I had a great time!

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