Nella Vetrina

Here is the rest of Nella Vetrina’s collection. This Italian based company totally caught my eye. I love the uniqueness of all of the there pieces. Enjoy:)

17 comments on “Nella Vetrina

  1. annechovie on said:

    Wow, Kirsten! I really like these pieces – so colorful!

  2. That Girl Designs on said:

    Wow! Really cool pieces. I love them. I’m bookmarking their site.

  3. everythign is gorge… i love all their color choices.

  4. Krissy on said:

    The bathroom with the 2 sinks makes me heart pitter-patter!

  5. simply seleta on said:

    oh those french sinks against the smoky walls!!! love!!!

  6. that bookshelf with the robin’s egg blue background is incredible!

  7. ::{J}:: on said:

    WOW! I love that room with the octopus looking chandelier! The chairs look like candy! I bet I could get Perry to make some sort of fixture that looks like that octopus…!

  8. AphroChic on said:

    I love it! Those colors are amazing.

  9. They know how to do color and curvacious form! Fabulous!

  10. Sara Christine on said:

    I love the classic shape of the furniture paired with unexpected colors and textures. Great way to make the old new again!

  11. Chocolate and Steel on said:

    so unique. that orange dresser is so funky. I wonder how they did that. It just doesn’t seem painted but it has to be:)

  12. stunning photos! love the use of bold colors!

  13. please sir on said:

    Such fun pieces!

  14. STYLE RUMORS on said:

    Great inspiratins.I love the blue bathroom sinks.This proves that classic furniture can look good with colors.

  15. Velvet and Linen on said:

    I love those bombay cabinets in unique colors.Thank you for the introduction.xoBrooke

  16. Oh! I want a bookcase like the one w the green back wall! Only with a space big enough to fit a TV in the middle…(we currently have a “rescued from neighbors trash day after Christmas” computer desk for our TV…and I refuse to settle and pay for something that’s not perfect for our space!This inspires me to keep searching!

  17. Alkemie on said:

    Wow!! These photos and pieces are Really FAB! Love them!Great find.Karen

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