April 25, 2013

This kitchen, captured by photographer Alexander James, has received alot of attention on my Pinterest. I can see why! It’s the perfect combo of classic and modern. The flooring is breathtaking! And the combination of the floors with the eating area furniture is truly┬ábeautiful. I’m not a huge fan of upper cabinetry, unless you absolutely need it for storage. So of course I invision this kitchen a little more open. But besides that detail, I’m in love! Below is an easy and budget friendly way of receiving this look.

1. Dining Chair. 2. 3 Light Pendant. 3. Grate Napkin Set. 4. Bud Vase Set. 5. White Cabinetry. 6. Blue Mosaic Tile. 7. Tulip Table.





Home Inicio
Commented on Thursday, April 25, 2013

Such a Beautiful combination of white room with the furniture. http://www.homeinicio.com/

dervla @ the curator
Commented on Thursday, April 25, 2013

I love this, Kirsten!

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