I have a slight obsession with lighting. It’s one of those elements that if overlooked, can destroy the feel of a space. My nightmare is that can lights are the only lights legal to use. NOOOOOOO!

When first seeing OneFortyThree’s lighting on Instagram, I was floored. Each piece is modern, unique and transitional. I recently used the desk lamp (above) for a design project. It fits the space perfectly. Logan Hendrickson, designer behind OneFortyThree, started making lighting and furniture because him and his new wife were in need if pieces for their new home. From there, his brand has evolved. I’m pretty sure that we will be hearing lots from Logan.

As you can see you will find not only lighting but some insanely cool chairs and accessories. I think that I will take one of each!

Shop all of these at OneFortyThree.


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  1. I love this new interpretation of old looking light fixtures. The exposed bulb glows when it’s lit, and the fixtures themselves can be modern, vintage or industrial. So many great looks, and like you said, a key function in a successful space!