Organize My New Year…

Tip 6-  Create a functional kitchen with what’s needed and still make it beautiful.

How does a space like this look pleasing, even with all of that stuff??  Simply because they only used 3 major materials…wood, metal and white ceramic.  The colors and textures flow and in the midst of a highly stocked kitchen, there is still a calmness about it.

Image via Pinterest via Country Living.

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  1. I feel like it might only work if you a) have tons of wall room in a tiny kitchen or b) have a large kitchen with lots of room. wishwishwish

  2. I keep coming across this image on Pinterest and I always stop and stare at it for a few moments, I can’t figure out why exactly I’m so drawn to it, but I am! Good point about the texture, I never thought about that!

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