Organize My New Year…

I love to organize and be organized.  It causes my mind to think clearer and I feel more in control of the day to day details.  Since January is the perfect month to start fresh, I’m going to post a week or two of organizing tips, tricks and ideas.  We could all use some organizing inspiration, right??

Tip 1-  Display and organize your most favorite items on white shelving.  The white backdrop causes those valuables to pop pop pop!

Image via Weekday Carnival.

2 comments on “Organize My New Year…

  1. I absolutely love this. And I love more the white shelving against the white wall. I think if the wall was coloured at all the gorgeous items would be lost in the brightness of the shelves. Lovely!

  2. Jenna at Homeslice on said:

    Great idea! I’ll have to try it out… I think our entertainment center could use a little paint love..

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