September 14, 2016

When it comes to establishing the look and feel of a room, few things are as important as the right lighting choice. Lighting evokes specific genres and recalls distinct design eras. Most of us can discern the difference between an 80’s table lamp and a mid century ceiling pendant in the blink of an eye….am I right? [more]

Spotlight: Cedar & Moss via Simply Grove

Kitchen countertops are a major design feature of kitchens that tend to be overlooked. To many this kitchen element is viewed as the most dreaded area of the home to tackle.The key to decorating kitchen countertops is to have the right balance of practicality and design. Too many things and the space will look overwhelming and cluttered, but not enough accessories looks sparse and unfinished. With that in mind, there are ways to arrange your kitchen essentials and decorations, meanwhile getting maximum usage of the surface area you have. Here are a few simple tricks to guide the styling of your kitchen counters: [more]

7 Ways To Style Your Countertops via Simply Grove
September 8, 2016

I will always be a fan of traditional wood flooring, always. It’s classic, beautiful, and it provides lots of warmth and texture with its natural grain. And who doesn’t love the creak of an old wooden floor beneath their feet? Honestly, it only gets better with age. [more]

Unexpected Flooring Options via Simply Grove
September 7, 2016

Last week I showed you a glimpse of my kitchen concept. Well, here it is folks! Finally I get to post our kitchen renovation. And OMG, was it a reno or what!!! When we first looked at this home to buy, I remember thinking that the biggest transformation needed to be the kitchen. It was dark, too enclosed and feeling very 1990’s. [more]

Kirsten Grove's kitchen renovation via simply grove