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“We shall never forget, we shall keep this day, we shall keep the events and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on”  September, 11, 2001

Decorating a small space and WINNER

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Because the house that we are moving into is a downsize for us, I am all about studying the art of decorating small spaces. For some it can be overwhelming and for others it can be refreshing. For us, it’s refreshing. I’ve already given away bags and bags and boxes of STUFF. Stuff that I didn’t even know that I owned. It’s amazing what you can accumulate over time. Like who needs 4 sets of measuring cups?? No one!

Here are a few tips and tricks when decorating a small space.

1. Want to know a quick tip on what to keep and what to give away?  If you haven’t used it in 6 months, you will most likely NEVER use it. Unless of course it’s a holiday item or a recreational item. But if it’s supposed to be an everyday or every week item and you haven’t even touched it in 6 months, give it to someone who will appreciate it. One mans trash is truly another mans treasure…right???

Image: The Style Files

2. Wall space becomes very important in small spaces. You can’t waist an inch of wall space. Think outside of the box and use wall space for your advantage. For instance, the bathroom above probably needed more storage space for towels. A fantastic ladder became a towel rack and extra towel storage in one. Floating shelves and wall shelves are also an answer to prayer for small spaces. Just remember, don’t over decorate or over use shelves. It will add chaos to the room.

3. Lighting is everything! Lighting can make or break a room. Especially a small room! Use lighting to create a nice backdrop. When you enter an art gallery, you always walk into a strikingly beautiful space. Yes, the art attributes to that beauty, but the lighting is what defines the art and brings life to the art. Use that same rule in your home. The style of light can also make a tremendous impact to your room. Don’t limit yourself to a boring bulb just because you are focusing on a smaller room. Savoy House lighting can make it easy for you to pick some brilliant lights, add a subtle ceiling fan, a modern looking flush mount light, or even a chandelier. Additionally, it’s easy to shop by price, weight, finish, and a number of other factors. Look around and see what best fits your personal taste and aesthetic preferences.

It’s FUN to decorate a small space!! Think outside of the box and keep things light and bright.

BTW- the winner of the Rugs Direct giveaway is Christine Hughes! Congrats Christine!!!


Last week on Instagram I announced that we are moving! We are moving into this 1947 brick bungalow. It’s in a neighborhood that I’ve wanted to move to for quite some time so I’m super pumped! And of course I’m also super pumped about starting the decorating process in a new space. A white canvas is exactly what I need right now. If you want to follow along on the day to day progression, make sure to follow me on Instagram. #Grovebungalow will be taking over for a bit!

Farmhouse Pendants and Apps

My recent eHow post is all about large farmhouse pendants in the dining room.  It’s a trend that I am all about right now! In fact, I really want this one from Schoolhouse Electric for my dining room. Read my entire eHow post here.

You can also find me here, talking about using fashion as art!

AND I’m pretty pumped to announce that Simply Grove has it’s own app! Go here to download it on your iPhone or iPad. Andriod is coming soon.

Here are some fun links to check out over the weekend-

Have you seen the bookbook?

This kitchen makeover is amazing.

Perfect fall look.

Loving this white home.

Happy Friday! I will meet you back here next week to announce the winner of the rug giveaway, show you an amazing DIY and even introduce some fashion on SG! xxoo

Kitchen Rugs and My Craigslist SALE

My recent post over at eHow is all about how to add a rug to your kitchen, which I am fully for! It adds instant style and color to your kitchen space. Head over here to read more.

Also, if you in Boise, I have some stuff on Craigslist that you should buy!! Like this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and THIS.

Eden’s Bedroom & GIVEAWAY


Hi friends! I have been meaning to post Eden’s bedroom for quite some time now. Summer seemed to have gotten the best of me. There are so many cute details to go over. Let me start by telling you that Eden wanted an ice cream colored theme, including mint and sherbet peach. Lucky for me Oh Joy had just released her first Target party line. It had the perfect colors so I went ahead and used the wall decals and banner.

One accessory that you may immediately recognize is the kids shelf DIY, created by Elise Vaughn. It holds Eden’s monster finger puppet coolection:)

One of my favorite items in the room is the ombre toy tote from HomeGoods. It holds all of Eden’s stuffed animals, including this one from Land Of Nod.

We used a lot of colorful accessories that we had in her previous room. A few books, washi tape, her own handmade ceramics and other knick knacks.

That blanket and pillow? Some of the best things in this room! Both are by Happy Habitat. I can’t get enough of HH.

Also, another favorite detail in this room are the bed sheets. Crane & Canopy delivers high-quality designer bedding without the middle man markup.  They design original products and connect customers with world’s most premium factories, saving customers up to 70% off bedding, duvet covers and sheets.  All of Crane & Canopy’s bedding, duvet covers and sheets use soft and breathable, extra-long staple cotton, woven in 300+ thread count, hand-picked by the team for comfort and quality. A portion of all proceeds go towards Crane & Canopy’s cause initiative, “A Safe Night’s Sleep,” which benefits women and children affected by domestic violence. Eden’s embroidered cotton sheet set is made from the finest quality extra-long staple cotton and woven in a cotton sateen in a 400 thread count. Linen heaven!!!

These cute Sprinkles bags from Dynomighty are exactly what Eden loves in life….sprinkles!!

Now lets talk about that rug!! You can never go wrong with black and white. This striped rug from Rugs Direct is exactly what Eden’s room needed. And lucky for YOU, you can win a $300 credit to Rugs Direct! Enter below for a chance to win a $300 gift certificate from Rugs Direct. One winner will be chosen at random by Thursday September 4th. Must be a resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. Hope you win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Sheets- Crane and Canopy

Blanket and Pillow- Happy Habitat

Quilt- Handmade by Eden’s Aunt

Rug- Rugs Direct

Toy Tote and Bedside Table- HomeGoods

Stuffed Animals, Cloud Banner, Paper Flowers- Land Of Nod

Turquoise Light- Target

Wall Decals, Happy Day Banner- Oh Joy for Target

Sprinkle Bags- DynoMighty

Kitchen Inspiration

Image: That Kind Of Woman

Happy hump day. I’ll be back with some good content. I promise.

Tuvalu Home

I need to tell you about another awesome online shop! Tuvalu will inspire you to create a modern space with beachy elements. Creating a coastal home can be somewhat difficult. Especially if you are wanting to make a beach home that is trendy. Tuvalu has furniture, accessories, kitchen items and so much more. All of it aids itself to a coastal approach. It’s a must stop shop! See more here.


Living Room Inspiration

Oh man guys….I’ve been sucked into the summer vortex of no mans land. What does that even mean?! Well, between design projects, children, vacations…I’ve been missing in action. Next week marks the end of summer for us and half of me is stoked out of my mind. I really really do love schedules and structure. Saying all of that, I will miss Summer. It’s been a dreamy yet busy season for us. One that won’t be forgotten.

On another note, I love this living room makeover! It’s serene with some nice, modern touches. See the entire space here.

Images: By.Bak

High Fashion Home…

I feel like I’m constantly looking for new decor sites that can offer me great furniture and accessories. Clients are wanting new product, I’m needing new inspiration….it’s a constant search. High Fashion Home has a variety of great contemporary and modern pieces. Whatever style you like, you’ll find something! Above is a collection of my favorite pieces offered on High Fashion Home.

Shop these pieces and more at High Fashion Home.

Round Dining Tables

Image: Nordic Leaves

I have a good friend that’s moving into a studio apartment. It’s a small space that’s downtown with lots of possibilities. One area that is lacking is room for a long dining table. The best solution for this is a round table. You can squeeze chairs around and they don’t take up too much space. I personally love round dining tables. I have a large one in my home and it’s perfect for game nights, dinner with the family, hosting dinner parties and even homework time. Here are a few favorite dining spaces with round tables.

Above we see a white dining table, perfect for adding un-matching chairs. You can pair it with wood, colored and even metal chairs.

Image: French By Design

This is about the size of my dining table. You can add chairs for more seating or take away chairs for a simple, modern look.

Image: The Design Files

Can I have this whole look, please??

Want this look but don’t know where to start? Here are a few awesome items to add to your dining space to achieve the round table movement.

Light, Chair, Table, Rug.

Product Love

Lately I’ve been sharing some products on Instagram that are currently in my home that I’m loving right now. Here they are for your shopping enjoyment.

1. This geometric pillow designed by Beth Thompson, can be found at RedBubble. You can also get the same print on other products.
2. SoapBox is just awesome. This shelf is great for entryways as well as other rooms with needed hanging storage.
3. I really love this pareo from Serena & Lily.
4. You can get your Instagram pictures put on MARSHMALLOWS! How cool is that?! Introducing Boomf.
5. I love this modern, nautical wallpaper from Kimberly Lewis Home.
6. Leah Singh has my favorite pillow collection on the market right now.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! xxoo

3 Interior Design Trends

Image: Skona Hem

There are three interior design trends that I am really digging right now. And I wouldn’t even consider them trends as much a design movements that I think will stick around for awhile. It’s like the classic striped shirt paired with denim. They’ve been around for a long time but have made there comeback in the last few years. Nothing new is under the sun, right??

1. Art on the floor.

Don’t just limit your art collection to the walls. Fill an entire space by placing art both on the walls and floors. And if you are nervous about placing holes in your walls, all the more reason to lean them against a wall. For a full look, stack taller art on the back, filling the front with shorter art.

Image: Remodelista

2. Pattern tiled floors.

It’s my milk in my latte right now! I’m in love with patterned tile floors. Specifically hexagon tiles. They bring big personality to any space and create interest and warmth. I would suggest paring tiled floors with white walls. You don’t want to overwhelm your space.

Image: Bo Laget

3. All white kitchens.

This look is not new to me or to anyone that loves design. It continues to be the apple in our eyes. White normally scares certain people, but you can be rest assured that if you pick the right finishes, it’s as easy to clean as 1,2,3.

Pillow Love…

This is for all of you pillow lovers! Created by textile designer Amira Marion, ARCHIVE NEW YORK has some amazing pillows involving a collection of vintage and antique fabric remnants. At Archive, they hunt down the rarest, most unique textiles and transform them into an assemblage of radiantly colorful silk prints.

I can see these pillows paired with other neutral pillows or even other colorful pillows. And believe me, investing in a high quality pillow is totally worth it. I have a collection of pillows that are either worn and dingy or bright and high quality. I can tell which one cost a little more and I’m so happy that I spent that few extra bucks.


Camping in Idaho and Links

Image via here.

When you read this post, I will be camping somewhere high up in beautiful Idaho. Tent camping isn’t my ideal situation but camping with great friends is always a bonus. It seems like this summer has been a crazy, fun filled adventure for my family and I. I am pretty excited to get back to a normal schedule. With that normal schedule, the blog will be back to normal once again. Until then, it’s sun and camping for me! Well, maybe not camping for the entirety of the summer:)

Some good links to read while you sip a cup of coffee-

10 awesome California homes.

I love the styling of this post.

One desk, three ways.