September 1, 2016

When I first moved to Boise Idaho almost 18 years ago, I moved to a very sleepy city that had so much potential but didn’t quite recognize the potential. Now Boise is quickly becoming a city that is filled with art, food, design, culture and many more opportunities. This city thrives on community. People love each other and want others to succeed. Boise is laid back but extremely interested in moving forward in style and design. I love my city and I want it to become the best that it can be! [more]

#50styles50states, #OldNavyStyle via Simply Grove

A few weeks ago I instagrammed the insanely awesome CALPAK Milk Marble luggage. I recently took them on a few trips with me and I love them even more. The quality is absolutely unbeatable! Well folks, today I am giving away a Milk Marble Carry On! [more]

CALPAK Giveaway via Simply Grove
August 30, 2016

If you follow me on social media, you know that we have been renovating our kitchen like crazy people. We started the demo a month ago and have been camping out ever since. If you’ve ever renovated a kitchen while living in the home, you know how quickly you want the space to be finished! We’ve been working around the clock, when we’re not working our normal jobs, to get this space DONE. Well we successfully finished this weekend…WOOHOO! So before I reveal the images of the kitchen, I wanted to show you my original design/kitchen concept for this space. [more]

Kirsten Groves kitchen moodboard

When my husband and I bought our first home, we had nothing. Actually, I take that back. We had a bright green lounge chair and a coffee table from a thrift shop. Back then it was hard to find anything stylish that was budget friendly. We only had access to large chain furniture stores that were over priced and cheaply made. Now days you can find stylish items all day long that are both budget friendly and well crafted! [more]

Modern Mid-century wicker chairs; modern dining room