Talk to any good interior designer and they will be quick to tell you that when it comes to showcasing their talents via blog, portfolio, magazine, etc., their work is only as good as the images presented. Of course, the design can be spot on…but if the lighting is off or the composition is lacking, […]

Spotlight: Tessa Neustadt via Simply Grove

You may have already spotted this kitchen making it’s way through Pinterest, but I just I had to share! I have already had a thing for dark painted cabinets, so naturally I am 100% behind the design of this space…especially because of that green! This Classic English Kitchen project is the new Peckham Rye Kitchen by deVOL. […]

Bold green cabinets with marble countertops. Peckham Rye Kitchen' by deVOL

  Image: My Scandinavian Home A trend that we have loved seeing lately is round coffee tables. It’s a nice break from the rectangular tradition. Round coffee tables allow for soft lines, which look fantastic next to rectangular sofa’s. When styling a room, I like to mix up shapes. Since most items are square and […]

Round Coffee Table Inspiration via simply grove
June 28, 2016

Image: How to Decorate I often view living in a smaller house as a fun and interesting challenge. Corners can be tight and both storage and wall space are usually limited. In these instances, I essentially have to roll up my sleeves and get really creative. I do, however, have one tool in my arsenal […]

Styling Mirrors via Simply Grove