Bathroom designed by Kirsten Grove

Hi Friends! The farmhouse bathroom that I designed earlier this year is a finalist in the 2015 Remodelista Design Awards! I’m pretty proud of this project and I love the homeowners dearly. So if you have a moment anytime of the week from now until August 15th, can you vote for us, pretty please?? You can actually vote daily………..too much? Ok, I’ll take anything! Go here to vote. You’ll find the bathroom in the professional bath category. You’re all my favorite!


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I’m in this crazy season of constantly being on my computer. Whether it’s writing a blog post, writing notes concerning my book or editing images for a guest article, I am always looking at a computer screen. And if you know me or know any other creative, if a computer looks cool, we feel like we’re getting more done. Or something like that?!:) I have some simple ideas for how how stay organized and on task, which can be hard when you have Facebook staring at you to get lost in it.

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1. I’m big on using apps that keep me organized. A few I like are Evernote, Asana (puts tasks and conversations in one place), iDone This (the best checkoff list), 24me (auto generates reminders) and Wunderlist.

2. I take periodical walks to get the blood flowing and my mind re-charged. Because I work near lots of coffee shops, it’s an easy walk to take.

3. I only allow myself to look at Facebook ONCE a day! Haha. Seriously though. It’s too distracting.

4. I set a timer for when I want to finish a certain project. If the timer goes off and you’re not done, you lose…hahaha.

5. I keep snacks around me so I never stop working because of hunger. Almonds and trail mix are easy to have accessible.

It’s hard being self employed on a computer all day, but it’s possible!


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A big reason of why I’m loving the new HP Pavilion 17″ Notebook, which is sold exclusively at HSN, is it feels like a motivating tool with all of the details that I need for my business. In partnering with HP, I quickly learned that this was a very easy Notebook to love! Why buy buy HP at HSN? Because the screen is massive, it runs on Windows 10 operating system, comes in 5 cool colors, a Bang & Olufsen audio built-in and the storage is crazy with 2 TB of storage. And it’s also a touch screen, which I naturally caught on to, even with a large screen. The HP Pavilion was an easy switch for me from my previous notebook. And the best part is the price point! Perfect for the struggling artsy heartsy.

And for a real mommy moment….

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Step away from the notebook….

Shop the HP Pavilion here.


How to design around a TV via Simply Grove

Image: Decor Dots

I recently received an email from a reader who needed some advice on how to decorate around a TV. He wrote me saying, “I was wondering if you have plans to feature design inspiration, or how-to’s for televisions. In all these mid-century styled home, and modern style homes the TV is rarely featured, but it’s something people use everyday”. I TOTALLY agree! In most styled spaces, the TV somehow disappears. It is a hard accessory to decorate around, but it’s possible! Below are some simple tricks to decorate around your TV.

How to decorate around your TV via simply grove

Image: A Cup Of Jo

My most favorite way to decorate around a television is to include it in an art gallery (seen above). Use a variety of sized frames but make sure that there are frames that are larger than the TV. Using black frames also allows the TV to disappear a bit. Also a college of photos and interesting prints remove the focus of the TV.


Image: Futura Home Decorating


Placing your TV on a media console and displaying decorative items around it can create a more artistic approach.


Image: My Scandinavian Home


If you don’t want to commit to hanging art a large selection of art on the wall, lean an arrangement around the TV. Also place books and ceramics near and around art collection for a cool vignette.


Image: Nordic Days

I think the number one key for decorating around a TV is keeping things clean and minimal. Also when the media console/buffet is awesome, you forget how big and shiny the TV is. TV’s will never go away so we might as well embrace them!


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Image: Sweeten

I have to admit to you something. I am fiercely in love with a clean space. I can’t think clearly if my home is a mess. In fact, if I wasn’t an interior stylist, I would be a home organizer/cleaner. It brings me great joy to clean my bathroom and make it sparkly clean. I may be weird but I’m proud of being OCD clean! Haha. I have friends that are as equally in love with a clean space but they’re not in to doing it themselves, which is totally fine! In fact, that’s normal, right? I always tell them that there is no condemnation. We all have things that we are good at and we must embrace those things in our lives.

I have a few favorite tips and tricks that ANYONE can apply to their space. When it comes to cleaning, it’s always better to do a little everyday. That way you won’t be having to deal with a large mess weekly. Here are my tricks of the trade.

+ Cleaning Wipes are straight from heaven. I always keep cleaning wipes in my bathroom to wipe down the counter and toilet each morning. It saves me SO MUCH TIME!

+ Keeping a lightweight, wood floor/carpet vacuum on hand will make your life easy peasy. I literally use mine daily just to keep things tidy and clean.

+ Vinegar should be your best friend. You can use it literally for everything! My favorite way to use vinegar for is to clean my floors. To wash no-wax floors, add ½ cup of white distilled vinegar to a half-gallon of warm water. Window cleaning with vinegar will make your windows sparkle and will not leave the usual film or streaks on the glass. Mix equal parts of white distilled vinegar and warm water. Dry with a soft cloth. You can also use vinegar to get stains out, clean your fridge, deodorize your garbage drain…and the list goes on!

+ A shower scrub free spray will keep your shower fresh and clean. And it will save you from having to scrub all of the time. I spray down my shower every single day, directly following my shower. It takes seconds and will leave your shower smelling fresh and clean.

+ Don’t forget about microfiber dusters. It really does the job efficiently and it’s so easy. No more dust bunnies! I tend to dust weekly and sometimes even more frequent. I hate dust. If you can dust and vacuum around the same time, these two tasks will start going hand in hand in your mind.

+ Lint rollers are a great option to clean dust and pet hair off of hard to reach or vacuum places. I use my lint roller on lampshades, sofa, doggie bed and other awkward shaped places.

+If it’s hard for you to focus when cleaning, set a time for 30 minutes and compete with yourself to see if you can finish all of your tasks within that time period.

So when it’s time for you to clean shop, apply these tips and you will not feel overwhelmed. I promise! And if you need some more cleaning ideas, check out these tips to help you clean your bathroom more efficiently from the cleaning experts at The Maids, with whom I’ve teamed up with for this post.




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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I started a hashtag, #simplystyleyourspace. I started it as a way for anyone to showcase their styling and designing talent, and a way for our creative juices to start flowing. Everyone is different and everyone has a slightly different aesthetic, which is the best part! This first round was all about how you style your coffee table. Above you can see the creativity shining through. The next round starts this week so if you want to participate, follow along my Instagram.

(Owners of images tagged on my Instagram.)


Molding Inspiration via simply grove

Image: Festen via My Unfinished Home

The greatest way to add some major character to a space is by adding molding. It instantly takes a blank slate and makes it cool and dignified. I love the juxtaposition of modern and classic. Adding molding to a modern space gives the illusion of maturity and character. Here are a few molding and trim ideas to create this look.

+ Baseboards are of course a must! Starting at the floor, baseboards are the visual foundation for a room.

+ Casings is the trim that wraps from one side of the wall to the other It defines the opening and protects the wall surface from scratches.

+ Crown Molding is itself a game changer. Adding it to the top of the room can add grandness.

+ Finishing Touches can include painting moldings the same color as the wall but in a semigloss enamel finish. This trick makes a room feel larger.



molding 4

Image: Kristofer Johnsson Styled by: Sasa Antic.


Image: Still Stars

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Image: Sfgirlbybay


June 30, 2015

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Image: Beckawang

I was looking over my Pinterest page and I noticed a common theme….GREEN. I love green! Remember the One Room Challenge? That was one of my favorite green walls! Below are a few other ways to use the color green in your space-

+ Paint an accent wall green.

+ Use plants to add green.

+ Paint one furniture piece a bold green.

+ Use green tiles in your bathroom.

+Add green in fabrics.

In honor of my love for green, here are a few inspiring green spaces. Maybe the more I use green in decor, the more chances I will get of inheriting a green thumb!! :)

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Image: Blood and Champagne

green 4

Image: One Kings Lane

green 3

Image: Flickr

green 2

Image: Still Stars


bedroom via simplygrove

Image: Sfgirlbybay. Photographed by brian w. ferry and featured on lonny.

Happy Thursday! And happy “my daughters birthday”! This month is birthday month for my family and party central…:)

I’m hoping to talk my hubby into painting our bedroom a deep shade of gray/black this weekend, like this or this. My bedroom needs major help and has been ignored for TOO LONG. Which goes against everything that I believe! Haha. I alway tell clients to create a beautiful master bedroom that they can escape to. And here I am living in everything but that! So hopefully that will change this weekend. This bedroom (above) is a perfect example of what I want to achieve.

Talk soon!!

June 23, 2015

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Pops of color are really my favorite way to decorate. Whether it’s one bold color or several soft colors, I think that there is something so serene about only using moments of color. Now don’t get me wrong, using lots of color can be beautiful in it’s own right. But sometimes it’s refreshing to tone down a bit. This house tour has a few moments of color, including that awesome punch of yellow in the sofa. See the entire tour here.

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June 18, 2015

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This is for all of my Instagram friends! I want to start a fun new hashtag ‪#‎simplystyleyourspace‬ for you to showcase styled areas of your personal home that you are proud of! Let’s start with COFFEE TABLES! Style your coffee table, snap a pic and use hashtag #simplystyleyourspace on Instagram. This is meant to be fun! Show us your creativity. I’ll Instagram some of my faves!

June 17, 2015

Scandinavian Inspired living space via simply grove

My latest Martha Stewart contributing post is up and it’s all about styling a Scandinavian inspired living space. Check it out here.

June 17, 2015

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I’ve showed you images of my daughters bedroom in the past (go here to see the list of sources). It’s a clean, minimal space, perfect for dreaming up fairytales and musicals…..hint…that’s all she does. One fun detail that we’ve added is Prettypegs. My husband built Eden a palette bed. It needed a little something something. When I first saw Prettypegs, I wanted to try them on a sidetable or dresser. But then I saw these pink Astrid legs and fell deeply in love. They’re exactly what Eden’s room needed!


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Shop all Prettypegs here.


June 16, 2015

Living Space inspiration via simply grove tour 2 Living Space inspiration via simply grove

It’s amazing what mixing textures can do to a space. This living room is very neutral in it’s color palette and the warmth comes mostly from the rug texture mixed with the fabric textures. So if you are a minimalist in your decorating, try adding warm, soft textures to bring in interest and comfort!

Shop these similar looks.


Designed by Kirsten Grove

Bathrooms are on my mind right now. Most of my clients are redoing their bathrooms and creating modern masterpieces. You may remember this bathroom above that I did for a client earlier this year. It was a blank slate that we filled with clean materials. I’m doing a bathroom right now with a similar vibe but a little more pops of gold. A lot of people ask me to refer them to sites that have good inspiring bathroom images. Below are some of my fave.

Pinterest– I’ve pinned over 700 bathrooms for your enjoyment.

Remodelista– You can browse some amazing bathroom images.

Houzz– Choose between a plethora of styles and sizes.

Design Sponge– Grace and her team have featured some amazing bathrooms over the years.

Domino– We wouldn’t except anything less than incredible bathrooms.



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Image: Sfgirlbybay

Dining Rooms can be tough to freshen up. It’s not like you want to throw around a bunch of money changing out dining chairs every season. Instead focus on the smaller details of the space. Below are a few tips and tricks-

1. Add greenery and flowers to your dining table for a splash of color and natural elements.

2. Use vintage chairs as head chairs to create an eclectic, on point look.

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Image: Trendspanarna

3. Add art or rearrange existing art with a few extra additions. Depending on the season or your mood, choose complimenting colors and tones.

4. Switch out your chandelier for a modern, industrial pendant.

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Image: The Design Chaser

5. Add statement pieces like large art, a bright rug or interesting objects to shelves.

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Image: A House in the Hills

6. Switch out chairs for a bench. Keep one side filled with chairs to keep it unique.

7. Add sheepskin rugs to a few of your chairs for texture and warmth.

If you are needing some more dining room Inspiration, I have a Pinterest page dedicated to dining rooms for your enjoyment!