Inspiration {Color}…


I love color so naturally this home is a winner in my book! Seen on My Scandinavian Home (via here), this home shows that you can add color in your furniture, accessories and even books. Think outside of the art and wall color boxes when deciding on moments of color. Plus, it’s always fun to think unconventional!




This week I did some styling for the Owyhee in Boise. The thoughtfully re-designed and restored Owyhee has been converted to feature 36 modern rental apartments as well as a bunch of other awesomeness! Anyways, I got to have a hand with styling one of the new apartments. I’ll post more images in the weeks to come.

See you next week!!

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3 Things To Love {GREEN}…

Image: Coco Lapine Design

When you ask me what my favorite color is, I will instantly tell you that it is green. Now, it’s not your normal, average green. It’s modern shades of green like mint, moss, fern and tea green. There are some amazing shades of green that we haven’t even tapped into yet when it comes to interior design. These three different shades of green, seen in this post, are exactly what I am about!

If I could bottle up a green and keep it forever, it would be the exact shade of the sofa and chair seen above. Heaven!

Image: Design Milk

These dining chairs are exactly what this kitchen/dining space needed. Finding the right dining chairs can be tricky. I always say to go basic on the table and have fun with the chairs.

Image: Desire To Inspire

This tub is another fabulous shade of green. And having a colorful tub is the funnest idea ever!


Pendant Light DIY…

Ok, this may be my favorite DIY that Elise has tackled thus far! It’s stylish, easy to achieve and goes with a variety of aesthetics. Be inspired and take notes!

What you need:

Clamp light
Gold spray paint
Electrical plug replacements
Wire cutters
Wooden beads

Disassemble the clamp light.

Spray paint the light cage gold.

Cut the electrical cord towards the end close to the plug.

Thread the wooden beads down the electrical cord. Follow the instructions that come with the replacement plugs to put your electrical cord back together and PRESTO!

Cheers, Elise (Check Elise’s kids clothing line here.)

DIY designer, styling and photography: Elise Vaughn.


New Brass Pendant…

I hope you all had a fantastic week and an even better weekend! Next week is a brand new week full of endless possibilities and new beginnings!

BTW, do you love my new Schoolhouse Electric brass sconce? I can’t get enough of them!

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Cinco De Mayo DIY {part 2}…

Here is part 2 of the Cinco De Mayo inspired DIY that we posted yesterday, created by SG’s DIY contributor Elise Vaughn. This muted green is a fun, neutral option for your space. Visit the original post for the HOW TO’S here.



Cinco De Mayo DIY…

You are going to LOVE this DIY, coming straight from our DIY contributor Elise Vaughn. It’s Cinco De Mayo inspired and a perfect addition to your walls.

This fun project was inspired by the Mexican Star weave.  Most of us have done this weave with four Popsicle sticks at a camp during our childhood.  With this version I added a couple more sticks and made it a bit larger. You can make yours as large or as small as you want- the length of your sticks will determine the diameter of your woven star.


Branches or wooden dowel

Lay the sticks over each other so that they all cross in the middle and are spread evenly apart.

Attach your sticks together laying the yarn over the middle of the sticks with a long tail.  Begin wrapping the sticks with the yarn in figure eights around each of the sticks and securing them in the back by tiring a knot with the tail of the yarn.  -the sticks will still move around and will become more secure as your weave circle grows larger.

Next select your first color and tie the end around one of the sticks. Then start wrapping the yarn around each dowel- the pattern changes when you start from under or over the stick.   You may want to practice a few times around until you decide on the pattern that you want to establish. When you are ready to introduce a new color simply tie the ends of the strings together and continue wrapping.  Try mixing different types of yarns with different textures and thicknesses to add variety and texture into the weave.

Once you have obtained the desired size of your weave you can either leave the extra length of sticks or simply saw them off. And presto:)

Check back tomorrow for more weave art inspiration!

Cheers, Elise (Check Elise’s kids clothing line here.)

DIY designer: Elise Vaughn, Styling: Kirsten Grove, Photography: Kirsten Grove and Elise Vaughn.


Boise Event…

A few weeks ago I helped host a local meet & greet with Beth and Carolina from Pulp Design at Boise’s Echelon. They were both here for Chair Affair, which is a fantastic local event showcasing furniture designers. I love my city and I love the people in my city. We have a plethora of hidden talent here. It’s exciting to watch unfold.

(Left to Right: Elise Vaughn, Beth DotoloCarolina V Gentry, Danielle Oakey, Kirsten Brockner. Not pictured, Kristin Montgomery.)

Photos by Allison Corona. And 2 images from my Instagram.



My cup of coffee…

I am a coffee addict! More specifically, I am a Nespresso addict. My cousin first introduced me to Nespresso a few years back. I instantly fell in love! It’s not a trend for me. Nespresso has become part of my daily life. This past February, Nespresso unveiled their latest machine, the  VertuoLine system, which brews both an American style large-cup coffee topped as well as an espresso all at the touch of a button. Amazing, right? I’ve tried it and let me tell you, it’s THE BEST! And to take it a step further, Nespresso has recipes available for all of us to take our coffee experience to the next level. Find them here.


Interior design and interior decorating have come a long long way! I remember when I started taking on E clients. It felt so fun and innovative. Have you heard of Decorist? Through a free, interactive design profile quiz, Decorist determines your individual style and provides daily, hand-picked home décor and furniture finds from a variety of sources. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or eclectic, Decorist offers three affordable designer services, delivered directly to your inbox, making interior design accessible and fun for everyone. That’s pretty awesome, right?

I recently had the chance to interview Gretchen Hansen, co-founder and CEO of Decorist. See our interview below.

What inspired you to start this website?

I have always loved designing my home.  At times, though, I have just wanted a little help pulling something together, adding finishing touches or getting fresh ideas.  I wanted “bite sized” help and couldn’t get any–it was full service or nothing.

How did you come up with the different categories on the site?

Getting to know our customers!  We spent a lot of time with our early customers learning their preferences and styles, and learning how to talk about them.

Did you feel that there is a need for more accessible design?

Absolutely.  Most women in the United States can’t afford an interior designer-we want to change that.  We have amazing designers ready to give “bite sized” advice–either by finding a perfect piece of furniture without the time, guesswork and stress of making a big decision,  helping you refresh your room with small changes or transform your room with bigger changes.

What is your own personal design aesthetic?

Like most women, I have a mixed aesthetic–mine is eclectic, classic, vintage.  I love antiques, but also love great vintage pieces from the 50s-70s.    I like casual, not fussy, comfortable furnishings with style and history.

Favorite decor magazine?

Domino back in the day.  They made design accessible.  Elle Decor is always a fun ride. Dwell is always engaging.

Favorite color palette?

I’m really into pink right now, all shades.

Favorite interior designer?

Can I mix Kelly Wearstler with Emily Henderson?

Favorite design blog?

Ms. Lilien.  Just fabulous, I feel stylish just looking at it.

Check out Decorist here.

Decorating With Color…

Image: Sfgirlbybay. Photos by martin sølyst for bolig magazine.

Maybe it’s because spring is here but I am craving color right now! I love the look of a clean space with a splash of bright, beautiful color. I’m normally not a purple or pink fan but done right, I’m in love!

What are your thoughts on color? How much is too much>

Image: Apartment Therapy. Designer: Sarah Stacey.

Image: Home Life. Photography Armelle Habibs and Styling Julia Green.

Image: Livet Hemma

Image: My Paradissi. Design by Mim Design, photo by Derek Swalwell.

Image: Pinterest

Yarn Art DIY…

Another amazing DIY from DIY editor Elise Vaughn

This out of the box art DIY can be made with your favorite piece of art. Your friends and guests will be totally impressed with your detailed eye and artistic ability!


A piece of art that inspires you
A piece of freezer or wax paper large enough for your sketch
A permanent marker
Sharp embroidery
Large empty frame
Binder clips or staple gun
Yarn of your choice

My art of choice was this mid-century painting by Van Hopple. I sketched out a basic copy of the picture onto the wax paper.  I then attached the wax paper to the fabric with binder clips over a wooden frame. (You can use any large empty frame for this – you need to make sure it is open in the middle for the ease of stitching)

I then picked out my color palate of yarn.  I used a large embroidery needle and began tracing over the sketch.

Once I had finished all of the stitching I simply ripped out the wax paper. I sewed seams along the edges of the fabric and threaded a small piece of round dowel through the top seam.  Finishing off with some large tassels and presto!

Cheers, Elise (Check Elise’s kids clothing line here.)

DIY designer: Elise Vaughn, Styling: Kirsten Grove, Photography: Kirsten Grove.

Lighting and Sheets: Schoolhouse Electric, Ombre Towel: Nine Space

Clean Dining Room…

We are in the middle of spring and usually during this season I get the “get rid of everything” bug. I wouldn’t consider myself a complete minimalist but I am definitely all for down sizing. This dining space is exactly what I love and want for my own space. It has great design elements mixed in with soft colors and great lighting. See more of this room here.

Image: Varpunen


Mood Board {Dining Room}…

I have quite a few clients that are in need of dining room redo’s. Above is a mood board that I put together of some new products that NEED to be displayed in someones home. That dining table??! HELLO!

Art, Chairs, Table, Lighting, Rug.

Displaying Bracelets and Watches…

I instagrammed earlier this week an idea I thought of for storing bracelets and watches. If you are like me and you love beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks, instead of using them as vases use the top to stack your bracelets. It’s a clean solution and looks great displayed on dressers and shelves.

Do you have any clever ideas for storing jewelry?