November 3, 2016

Geography was my favorite subject in school. I loved learning about places and destinations. I always say that if I wasn’t a stylist, I would be some sort of geographer, traveling the world and seeing all of it’s beauty. One trend that I am all about is geography art and maps. You can never have too many maps in your home. It makes the world feel alive around you. I also thinking having maps around children is an important tool for creating imagination. Let me introduce you to a fantastic new company [more]

Etched Atlas via Simply Grove
November 3, 2016

It’s no secret that kid rooms are some of the most fun spaces to plan and decorate. You can get away with using lots of color, quirky art prints, and unique bedding, but these spaces can also work just as well when they’re a little more sophisticated and subdued. Doing so creates an environment that is calm and serene, yet still lighthearted….a room both kids and parents can enjoy. [more]

Sophisticated Kids Rooms via Simply Grove
November 1, 2016

Lighting…it’s everything, folks. It can immediately make a space go from so so to awesome sauce. I have seen some amazing rooms with perfect furniture and accessories, but with random 1980’s lighting. It ruins the space. There are two lights that have entered my life that I can’t get enough of. One for their size and two for their soft glow. [more]

Article Light via Simply Grove
October 28, 2016

If you’ve put off decorating for Halloween because you’re feeling uninspired by your typical, status-quo take on Halloween decor, you are not alone. Getting your home into the Halloween spirit doesn’t have to involve all the kitschy, over-the-top decorations that most people associate with this time of year. When it comes to Halloween, a few touches go a long way. [more]

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