Next up on the renovation list is Eden Jo’s bedroom. I had so much fun with this room! I think besides kitchens, little girls bedrooms are my favorite spaces to decorate. You can go super whimsical and not feel like you’ve gone overboard. [more]

Designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove
July 22, 2016

If you missed it, we finally posted our first renovation webisode yesterday! As I promised, I am going to go through each finished room to give you the list of sources. Let's start with the living room. [more]

Living Room designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Well, here it is folks! Our first renovation webisode! When we originally bought this home, we knew that we wanted to create a forever home for ourselves. It’s not a flip and it’s not a temporary space for us. [more]

Kirsten Grove living space via simply grove
July 19, 2016

Image: Home Adore Do you ever dream of having a little vacation cabin by the lake? Lately it’s been at the top of my wishlist. My husband and I have been wavering back and forth between wanting to add onto our home or eventually buying a vacation cabin in the woods. I never thought I’d […]

Modern Cabin Inspiration via Simply Grove