National Hammock Day

Today is National Hammock Day. How fun is that?!? I personally don’t own a hammock but I really wish that I did. Our home has amazing trees surrounding and there are several perfect spots for a hammock. Anyone who is a warm weather romantic should enjoy a comfy, cozy hammock. It’s the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a warm summer day. There are some super cool hammock options available. I found four styles that I am totally digging right now. This first hammock option from Ten Thousand Villages is handmade from Nicaragua. It’s a whimsical option that would look fun in any yard.

I love this hammock from Urban Outfitters! It’s the perfect hammock for on the go. It comes in a bag to travel easily.

This Novica Hammock Chair from All Modern is great for anyone who is looking for something a little more streamlined and simplistic.

Fringe is all the rage right now and Anthropologie captured that in their Canyon Fringe Hammock.

Interior Paint Colors…

There is nothing better than finding the perfect interior paint colors for your interior. You feel like you’ve conquered a mountain or something. It’s like winning a victory! Colorhouse has recently launched an exclusive palette of 36 interior hues to Rejuvenation, the general store for home improvement projects. Designed for the modern pioneer, the collection is inspired by history. It’s when quality items for the home were purchased from one general store location and made to last.

Colorhouse is doing it right with their paints. You will find no reproductive toxins, no mutagens, no hazardous air pollutants, no ozone depleting compounds, no formaldehyde, no phthalates, no VOC’s, no bad colors. We say YES to that!

The Mercantile Color Collection is comprised of 36 exclusive colors, organized into six color families named after bulk items available at traditional general stores: Chalk (whites), Tea (warm neutrals), Seed (greens), Denim (blues), Flint (cool neutrals), and Spice (yellows, reds, oranges).

From color to lighting, Colorhouse and Rejuvenation have created a fresh perspective on an all american design. It’s exactly why I fell in love with design in the first place!

Shop the entire paint collection here.

24 Hours in Boise Idaho

This week I was able to share some of my favorite moments of my hometown, Boise Idaho on Design Sponge. Boise has been an amazing city to live in these past 16 years. I am so proud of the city we are developing into. Anyways, you can head over to Design Sponge to see the entire post. And if I missed any of you awesome Boise businesses, my apologies! I might need to a part two on my blog.

Also, head over to my Facebook page for pictures from my Georgia trip. I had a great time at Haven Conference, representing GMC and Habitat For Humanity. See more here.

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Au Prints For Your Home

Having great art on the walls of your home is liking having a really beautiful pair of shoes on. It completes an outfit and brings everything together. It can make a space feel alive and full of personality. Au Prints has a new variety of prints that evoke character and style. Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Au Prints is a set of prints with gold ink manually applied. All prints are reproductions of original drawings by Portuguese artist Teresa Esgaio. There is only 100 copies which makes them that much more special. My favorite print is the Playing Gold, Ca 1961. To me it tells a fun love story between two active, outgoing individuals who love to do life together. It’s exactly what I want my husband and I to be like for years to come.

You can shop these prints here. And if you really love them, create a gallery wall using just these prints. It would look amazing!


Get The Look…

Hey friends! I’m in Georgia right now, spending time with one of my besties, Naphtali. She just had a baby and created the sweetest nursery for her daughter. My favorite corner is where the dresser/changing table is. It’s the perfect nursery DIY decor. Naphtali hand made the tassels with colored tissue paper. She purchased the dresser off of Craigslist in Monterey California. The adorable art is by Nomuu. The white lamp is a great Target find and the peach was handmade by one of Naphtali’s good friends.  So cute, right?? You can create a similar look below!


1. Kelli Murray 2. Tassles 3. Dresser 4. Land Of Nod Lamp

Houseplants and Projects…

I’m over on The Interior Collective talking about house plants in the bathroom, using vibrant pillows and other fun topics. Check it all out here.

BTW, I’m a little MIA right now and it’s all for good reasons. I’m finishing up some great design projects that I cannot wait to show all of you. Until then, I’ll be choppy over here but I’ll still slam you periodically with some interior inspiration!


Wool Blanket…

Blankets are an investment that keep on giving. I bought my favorite wool blanket a few years ago and still use it frequently. Milo and Mitzy and Forestry Home have joined together in an exclusive design collaboration. The Circle/Grid blanket is 100% New Zealand wool made in EU. You can purchase it through Piece Makers and or Forestry.

Scandinavian Design…

I am so thrilled to be featuring Cori Magee’s apartment on Simply Grove. Cori Magee is an amazing graphic designer who has an eye for everything cool and stylish. Her scandinavian design inspired space feels so comfortable yet so put together. Cori’s space is also relatable and doesn’t feel stuffy nor too proper. I asked Cori a few questions. Enjoy below.

What inspires you when decorating your space?

I find so much design inspiration on-line, both digital-magazines and design blogs. I also enjoy a handful of printed mags, like Dwell, Living Etc., El Mueble, Elle Decoration UK and Habitania) Also, museums, restaurants, the sidewalk….inspiration is everywhere.

How would you describe your interior aesthetic?
Not an easy question to answer. I pull my ideas from so many places and then I decide what works for me and the way I live. Ultimately I think I enjoy a modern aesthetic mixed with old and new, warm wood finishes mixed with a black and white palette… Modern Merger? Can that be a thing? Sort of like personal labels, I think interiors should just be what they want to be, typically it won’t just be one singular style, but a combination. And no matter which styles are combined, it should always represent your personality.

What are your favorite home decor shops/websites?

I want all kinds of things from One Nordic, a blanket from Ferm Living and a rug from Loom. I need lighting from One Forty Three and Patrick Townsend. Our place should have a few pieces from Norman Copenhagen and Moorea Seal has pretty home accessories. I have fun shopping Society6 for art and accessories, and I really want a large Britt Bass piece when we have more space. If I could, I would buy-out Bodie and Fou, they’ve done a brilliant job curating lots of my fave shops into one. Lastly, I’ll never stop shopping Ikea, love it. The list does go on, but I’ll stop.

Visit Cori’s awesome blog here. Thank you, Cori!!

Photography by Alyssa Ratowski.


Thanks for joining me in Boise Idaho for #destinationsummer with Kohl’s. If you haven’t checked out #destinationsummer Pinterest page, here it is. Next stop is Utah with Allison Czarnecki. You will love her!

Desk Lamp DIY…

Do you what to know what the easiest DIY is?? Painting a plain desk lamp in gold. It’s the simplest desk lamp DIY that there has ever been! I’ve done it 3 times with 3 different gold tones and each time it completely changed the lamp for good. Last week Elise gave us an amazing tripod lamp DIY that was painted in a pretty gold. It really is an easy solution for great design!

All you need is gold spray paint for this DIY. Make sure that you remove the bulb and cover up the cord, unless you want your cord to be gold. I always do a few coats. That way if it chips, it’s gold underneath. EASY CHEEZY!!!

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Mellow Yellow…

Yesterday I shared with you about #DestinationSummer. In celebration of summer, I’ve been super inspired by yellow lately. These 4 items from Kohl’s had me at hello. A super sunshiny hello!

1. Egg Carton 2. Chair 3. Milk Carton 4. Pillow

This content is sponsored by Kohl’s as a part of their #DestinationSummer campaign.


Destination Summer…

Happy Monday! I’m excited to be participating in Kohl’s #DestinationSummer virtual road trip!  They have visited some awesome spots these past weeks and today, it’s all about my city, Boise Idaho.  I have watched Boise mature and develop into a thriving, culturally diverse, metropolitan city. Our 4 seasons (we have a magical spring/summer), outdoor activities and crazy good food have caught peoples attention. It’s exciting to watch Boise get the recognition that it deserves.

My favorite thing about Boise is the summers. Though it can get hot, it’s a dry heat that doesn’t feel overwhelming. We love to entertain and have friends over on summer nights. We are big snackers so I like to offer snacks that are displayed in a pretty way.

When decorating a food table, I always try to add height and color. I found these pillar candleholders that I placed candles on as well as placing bowls on for extra height. And who says cake plates are just for cake?? I use them to display veggies and fruit.

If you need dose of color and nature on your table, just cut off some greenery from your trees or bushes.

We LOVE popcorn. I placed a white bowl on one of the wooden pillars and put our favorite popcorn in it.

Another summer tradition that we cannot get enough of is s’mores. I found this large wooden tray at Kohl’s that stores all of our s’more stuff. It’s easy to clean, restock and carry around.

Bread BasketCake PlatterPlacematTextured BowlLong PlatterWooden TrayDecorative BottlePillar Candleholders.

This content is sponsored by Kohl’s as a part of their #DestinationSummer campaign.

Tripod Lamp DIY…

Todays DIY is the perfect lighting solution for any space! Elise Vaughn has outdone herself with this tripod lamp DIY. Enjoy!

You will need:

Metal camera tripod
Metal saw
Snake rope lamp
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Electrical tape
Outlet plug replacement kit
Gold spray paint

First of all I found a fabulous vintage chrome camera tripod. In selecting the tripod, I made sure that it would extend to the height that I wanted and that the main central height bar was hollow. Next I used a metal saw to cut the top section off- exposing the now hollow central pipe. The second part of this project is to find yourself a snake light. Take the plastic tubing off the outside of the flexible snake part of the light. Next cut the electrical cord at the plug and about three inches from the base of the light socket. You want to make sure that you leave yourself enough room to repair and reattach the electrical wires. Now you need to disassemble the light fixture completely – keep the wire threaded thru the snake section of your light as it will not be an easy task to thread it back through once removed.

This is a great time to paint a section or all of your light fixture.  I chose to paint my light gold using metal spray paint, and left the tripod chrome.

Thread the snake light up through the central hollow pipe of the tripod. Find someone that is familiar with repairing electrical fixtures, if you are completely unfamiliar with the process of putting the light fixture back together. You can purchase simple plug re attachment kits at any hardware store for around three dollars. Once your light has been reattached- find a light bulb and presto!

Shop Elise’s kids clothing here.




Modern Apartment Decor…

I mentioned last week that I’ve been fortunate enough to be helping out with a local project that is pretty awesome. The Owyhee has been an iconic hotel in Boise for over 100 years. Today, it is being thoughtfully redesigned and restored, enhanced with modern touches. The Owyhee is being converted to feature 36 modern rental apartments, a revitalization of the banquet facilities, 60,000 beautiful square feet of modernized office and retail space, and a reopened rooftop terrace. It’s epic!

My first assignment for The Owyhee was styling their model apartment. I wanted to create modern apartment decor in this space. It was a fun project, showing how a youthful individual can make these stylish apartments their own. You will recognize pieces from Target, West Elm, Urban Outfitters and a few other spots. I also scored some awesome vintage finds at Boise Vintage.

Did I mention that I styled the entire space in 10 hours?? It was a whirlwind event!

ALL photography by Allison Corona.


Happy Friday…

Image: My living space.

Hope you all had a great week! It’s been a busy week for me but a successful week. I am beyond thankful for the things that I am able to be apart of in this season. One of those projects is a local renovation that is seriously amazing. I’ll be posting pictures soon. See you soon!

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