Large Pendant Lights…

Image: VT Wonen

There is something so striking about an oversized industrial pendant light hanging over a stylish dining table. Mixing vintage/industrial with modern can work and work really really well. A great source for this style of lighting is Barn Light Electric. They offer some fantastic options at great prices. Enjoy these images. I hope they inspire your design aesthetic!

Image: The Relaxed Home

Image: Houzz

Image: 79 Ideas

Image: No No’s


OYOY is a newly established Danish interior design company. Their designs are innovative, fresh and modern. OYOY creates high-quality products focussing on form, function, colour and exquisite materials. “We are inspired by the classic, Scandinavian style, adding undertones of simple, Japanese design and a passion for combining color and materials. The result is a unique blend of simplicity and colourful design.”

I will take one of everything please.

Shop OYOY here.

Sseko Designs…

I don’t talk about my personal fashion style here on Simply Grove so you may not know that I actually really love and admire great fashion. My own style is a lot of black, white, denim, plaid and splashes of color here and there. Just like in the spaces that I design, I love mixing patterns and colors. When Sseko Designs contacted me about their wool clutch collection, I fell instantly in love. And then when I read their story, I fell more in love! Each clutch employs artisans to help end the cycle of poverty and also support women’s education efforts in Africa. Sseko Designs provides employment and scholarship opportunities to women pursuing their dreams to help overcome poverty. In exchange for a 9-month working program, Sseko uses fashion to provide women in Uganda with a full college education, and every product sold helps to achieve their social mission. Read more about out these amazing women HERE. And shop the clutches HERE.

If you love my Pendleton clutch (pictured above), you probably should get it:)

DIY Tray…

Today I have the easiest DIY for you to try! Now, I’m not the most fond of completing DIY’s. I’d rather snap my fingers and magically create something. But since that doesn’t work, I’ve made a New Years resolution of being more hands on. Here’s the easy peasy DIY:

I sometimes prefer displaying items on a tray when decorating on a tabletop. I think it looks more edited and finished. I had a photo shoot at my house the other day and didn’t have a tray available to use so I ran to my local Lowes looking for a square of marble. They didn’t have marble available but I found this pretty Calacatta White Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile. It’s simple yet sophisticated.

Now here comes the tricky part! I kid i kid. Here comes the painfully easy part. Place felt pads (that you would use for chair legs) and place one on each corner of the tile. Flip it over and there you have it. A simple tray for your pretty things.

You could also use these in the kitchen and bathroom. Try finding a fun patterned tile to display on neutral countertops. And of course you can never go wrong with marble.

Did I mention that this DIY cost a total of $4? Yay for that!

If you want to take your tray to the next level, try this tray DIY.


Styling Vignettes…

Image: Turbulences

Have you ever seen a picture of a well styled dresser, buffet or bookshelf and wondered how to achieve the same look? It can feel like an overwhelming task but can actually be a simple task. It just takes some creativity and out of the box thinking.

A few items that will create a clean, modern vignette-
Unique objects.
Books with beautiful covers.

You can stay neutral with your color choices or add in pops of color. Whatever your preference is, keep things simple and clean.

Image: Emily Henderson

Above we see a collection of glass objects placed in a cluster. Styled around it is a variety of neutral items with splashed of green.

Images Avenue and This Is Glamorous 

You can never go wrong with stacks of magazines or books and leaning art.

Image: Concept By Anna

This vignette is bright and white mixed with a little pottery.

Image: Weekday Carnival

Unique objects from travels can create great conversation starters. I am all for a home with lots of personality.

Images: Sfgirlbybay and Weekday Carnival

More styled vignettes with simple accessories.

Image: Weekday Carnival

If anything, go black and white for a super cool modern approach.


Image via my instagram.

This new year has proven to be exciting, interesting and very un-predictable. I’m still trying to get all of my ducks in a row while getting caught up with the flu a few too many times. But in the midst of life and decisions and the day to day stuff, I love 2014 and I love where Simply Grove is going. So if it seems slow around here, I promise things will be picking up soon! Cheers to this New Year!

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House Tour {Melbourne}…

I am smitten with this house tour from Melbourne Australia. They have done a great job mixing light and dark. Sometimes a space can come across too white or too dark so a nice combo can be refreshing. Also, the bedroom is my jam.

See the entire house tour here.

Pillow Love…

I’m somewhat of a pillow addict. It’s the fastest way to add new life into a space. Designer Leah Singh works directly with craftspeople in villages across India to create this pillow collection. I’m in love with each and every one of her pillows and I think you will be too. View her entire collection here.

Get the look…

Image: My bedroom on Instagram

I posted my bedroom on Instagram the other day (simply because I was proud of myself for making my bed…hehehe) and received some questions about the decor, paint and accessories. So I decided to make my bedroom this weeks Get the look. Some of the items are the actual items used in my bedroom and some of them are similar. The paint is Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom. Here’s the look:

1. Grey Pillowcase 2. Planter 3. Cow Hide 4. Crochet Knit Throw 5. Black Desk Lamp 6. Bench 7. Gold Lamp

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will see you next week!

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Interior Design Class…

Image of my bedroom taken by Dylan and Sara for Rue Magazine.

If you have been considering taking my Interior Design class with Skillshare, then let me tempt you with 25% off of the price. This only lasts until tomorrow so take advantage of this awesome sale! Here’s the link.


On a personal note…

Image: My Instagram

As I write this post, I am gazing upon a fresh pile of snow while staying warm in my cozy home. It seems this weather has got me dreaming of much warmer climates. I am a bit of a cold weather baby…especially this year. Weather has nothing to do with this post but at least you know my opinion of snow….:)

When last year was wrapping up, I felt a switch in myself concerning this blog. 2013 proved to be a fun, adventures year for me. I traveled, met amazing people, designed some pretty fantastic spaces and counted my blessings daily. The one area that suffered because of my lifestyle was this blog. It lost it’s originality and began looking like every other blog. It’s no secret that my passion is for interior design. I live it, breathe it and love creating it. Like so many of you, I crave finding new spaces and new ideas online. That is what I want for Simply Grove. I want you to visit SG and learn basics, feel inspired and really understand who I am as a designer. With that being said, you will notice less posts a week. Replaced will be more meaty posts in exchange for a lot of short, worthless posts. My goal is to post more original content, practical advice that we all could use in our spaces and still offer gorgeous inspiration from all over the world. Design should be fun and enjoyed by all. SG is ready to have some major FUN this year! With all of that, I am planning on doing a site re-design. Out with the old and in with the new!!

I will also be using Pinterest more to promote products, room tours and new designs. Make sure to follow Simply Grove on Pinterest to see those changes.

I really do appreciate all of your support over these last several years. There are thousands upon millions of creatives out there so I definitely count my blessings to be apart of this giant community of amazingness.

Dreamy white interiors {house tour}…

Hello, I am totally inspired by this home by Saa Kurkistaa. There is character where it needs it, and simplicity where it doesn’t. The accessories really add a “homey” feel with family photos and keepsake items in eyesight. The dining room is perfectly neutral with the only pop of color being greenery, which add so much life to the spaces. Can you be head over heels for a home? I totally am…


Festive in January…

I was pretty quick to take down my Christmas decorations this year. Mostly because I had the flu through the holidays, which meant I was laying on the couch looking at the decorations for a long.long.long time. I decided to give the mantel a festive look for New Years and the month of January. I kept some of my Christmas decor including this Star garland from Land Of Nod and this lantern garland from Serena & Lily. I also kept this felt wreathe, also from Land Of Nod, hanging above the mantel. It’s a festive for look to celebrate 2014!


House Tour {south hampton slumber}…

This house is one that will take you through many aesthetics and styles while maintaining a consistent vibe throughout the whole space. Cecilia Dupire‘s home set in the South Hampton gets me! First, I am of course loving the white throughout. White walls (in almost every case) give that clean and fresh look. And I just love how I get the true feeling that artistry is formed based on the furniture and accessories selected. With the architecture of the home being fairly simple it is perfect that the furniture creates a boldness and each room makes its own statement.






New Product {Long Made Co}…

James Long created Long Made Co., an industrial and functional take on accent lighting sure to cure your need for a full-of-character addition to your space. Everything from pendants to swivel arm lighting with a rustic take. Check out and shop here. It is just a bonus that this amazing lighting can be shipped anywhere in the world!