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How many of us agree that paint can change the entire look and mood of a space?! A room can look completely different in only a day when painted. Or piece of furniture can have a totally new look when painted. That is why I’m a paint advocate! And why I have teamed up Sherwin Williams again for National Painting Week, this week! Remember last year when I painted my husband’s junior high dresser for NPW?? Well this year I’m tackling my bedroom! I knew that I wanted a dark moody grey to create a dramatic wall in my bedroom. I had been admiring grey bedrooms (like both shown) for awhile. That’s where Sherwin Williams Chip It application came in handy!

I downloaded my favorite grey bedroom online and this application matched paint colors to it. GENIUS! It made the decision that much easier. And it also showed me what accent colors to use. I’m sold on this application and will be using it for my clients.

So peeps, starting TODAY, National Painting Week will feature painting ideas, lots of color inspiration, product information and crazy cool projects from 14 design bloggers, starting with Little Green Notebook and Coco+KelleyMake sure that you stop by each blog this week to check out their projects. My project will be live here on Simply Grove Sunday, April 21st. Happy painting!

Images via Desire to Inspire and 79 Ideas.

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