Custom Omega Cabinetry designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

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Partnership With Omega Cabinetry

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As we have all noticed, cabinet trends have become more about “thinking outside of the box” and less about “keeping everything oak”. Kitchens and bathrooms are spaces of style and design instead of just being average, practical rooms. Some of my most favorite kitchens have elements that feel custom. They are full of rich design and creative concepts. And instead of keeping everything matchy, we are breaking spaces up by adding unique materials and textures.

Custom Omega Cabinetry designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Today I’m really excited to announce a fun project that I’ve been working on these last few months. In partnership with MasterBrand and Omega Cabinetry, I have created a signature cabinet finish, which I have lovingly named Norton Green. Why Norton Green, you may ask? Because most of my childhood was spent in Bend, Oregon where we lived on the cutest street called Norton. It was surrounded by the most beautiful, large trees which always created such a lush feeling. Living in a place like Bend made me appreciate certain colors and textures. I, like so many of you, love green. I wanted to created a look that could incorporate this love for green. I wanted it to be an accent color, for a kitchen island or for a powder room, but really you could use this deep, rich color as your main kitchen cabinet and mix with materials, as seen below.

Kitchen design with Omega Cabinetry via Simply Grove

I wanted to design a mock kitchen as an illustration for you to see Norton Green used in a modern way. I designed this kitchen around four main design components. My signature color, Norton Green, marble, matte black and gold. All of these details create a stylish yet classic space, perfect for the cook in all of us. Also, when designing with such a specific color, you should go neutral with the other elements, so that you are designing a space that can breathe instead of getting suffocated with color.

Custom Omega Cabinetry designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Creating a signature finish with Omega Cabinets was both enjoyable and very easy. The Omega finish experts were able to match the color that I had envisioned for this project. They helped me with the door style, material selection and finish treatment, all with my input. When I first envisioned this project, I knew exactly what green that I wanted to use, so I sent them a paint swatch, Mallard Green from Benjamin Moore, and they were able to match the paint swatch perfectly! In fact, they can match any fabric swatch, artifact, paint swatch and even specific stain colors. To know that you personally designed these finishes makes the project that much more rewarding.

Custom Omega Cabinetry designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

To create some versatile examples for Norton Green, they had me choose three different cabinet doors. So I chose the Puritan, which is inspired by simple utility, the Desoto, which is perfectly minimal and the Bravura, for a fine furniture quality appearance. These looks can be translated from modern to traditional. It’s all about the placement and the items that you use to compliment your cabinetry.

Custom Omega Cabinetry designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

I am thrilled with the result of this partnership and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and consistency of Omega Cabinetry. Also check out Hunted Interior and Sugar Charm to see their custom finishes!

Kitchen Design Sources- Backsplash, Sconce, Countertop, Hardware, Pendant, Hood.

Photography: Hailey Wilson for Simply Grove

This blog post is sponsored by MasterBrand and Omega Cabinetry. All opinions are my own.

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