Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

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Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

Image: People

In design we often hear about the “rule of three”, which essentially states that objects arranged in odd numbers are more appealing and effective than those grouped in even ones. And while I surely agree that we want to avoid the “Noah’s Ark Effect” of having everything placed in perfect two-by-two fashion, I do think there’s a time and place for good ol’ symmetry when it comes to styling our homes.

And trust me when I say there’s a variety of ways to do this — sconces, pendant lights, club chairs, artwork, mirrors….all of these objects can look fantastic when placed in pairs. The key is just not to go overboard with it.

Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

Image: Domino

This little dining nook has just the right mix. The round table, matching chairs, and symmetrical art print give the space balance and order, while the throw pillows on the banquette help to break up the rigidity.

Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

Image: Trendenser

I love a good dual vanity setup in a bathroom, especially when it gets a little creative. Opting out of the cabinet/countertop option was a good move here. It keeps the proportions just right and prevents the duals sinks and mirrors from appearing oddly cramped together.

Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

Image: Homey Oh My

Bedrooms are one of those spaces where you can definitely go a little overboard with symmetry (think Holiday Inn territory), so you have to tread lightly. Here, the matching artwork and sconces provide a nice “frame” for the bed, but the pairing ends there. Two different bedside tables are used and it’s critical to use an odd number of pillows in varying patterns.

Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

Image: My Domaine

Sometimes I dream of having a dining room with it’s own working fireplace. When you have a space with a unique focal point like this, symmetry can definitely work in your favor. The matching chairs and art print set in this scenario allows the room to feel balanced and grounded.

Perfect Symmetry via Simply Grove

Image: Robson Rak

I wouldn’t mind having an office meeting here, would you? Club chairs were made to be seen in pairs and this is one of the best uses for them. Using a single large art print, rather than two, above the fireplace is a good option to prevent too much “twinning” from happening.

Mindy Bucklew/ SG Contributor

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