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Well folks, not much progress is happening at the Grove household.  Mostly because of our schedule right now.  The good news is, is that my hubs is taking a “stay cation” in June for us to finish all of our projects!!  One thing that I have done is style my bedroom dresser with a few accessories.  I accessorized a Jonathan Adler tray with a few items picked up from travels.  I also hung art made by my husband and a road sign that I snagged from a family member.  The vases are one of my Brass Razoo creations.  It’s a start!!

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  1. Ah! I love the return to simplicity. I love neutral palates–it’s like a blank canvas just aching for creative energy to be channelled into writing/sewing/painting/whatever your vice is.

  2. Awesome start!! I love the simplicity. Did you get that gourd in New Orleans? I got similar ones from the French Flea Market there… though they were originally made in Peru, I believe. Love how all the colors and textures work together!

  3. Lovely vignette! I keep trying to clear our dresser of clutter, but my guy keeps using it as the “dumping station” when he empties his pockets! I really love the white and that American Indian paperweight-looking piece is gorgeous!