Here is another peek into the new pad.  Most of the projects have been put on hold because we are waiting (not patiently) for the paint that we ordered.  Once the paint gets in, we can paint the living, dining and kitchen space.  And until we paint, I don’t feel the need to bring in any art, accessories and some of our furniture.  (Our bedroom is already painted, but I haven’t nailed down what I am doing in there yet.)  Our big project that we are plowing through today and tomorrow is the kid’s bedroom.  It is looking SO CUTE!!  I will post pics as soon as its finished.  I think that my husband will be requesting a vacation soon!!  He deserves it.

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  1. Looks really great! Good idea with not adding too much before painting, that just makes for more rearranging and mess! Have fun, and I look forward to seeing more!