Hi peeps!  It’s Sunday and I’m blogging!  This never happens but is happening today.  This past week has been National Painting WeekSherwin Williams approached me about participating in National Painting Week by creating a paint project.  It was perfect timing because we are getting our home ready for a photo shoot this week, so we have some serious  projects!!  Also, in honor of it being earth day today, I got to choose the color green!  I heart green so that wasn’t a tough call.

I chose to re-claim this dresser that has been following my husband around since he was in Junior High.  Can you believe that he has had it for that long??  It obviously needed alot of help.

Before we painted the dresser, we had to do some prepping.  Because of how wobbly it was, Shane (my extremely cute husband) did some structural work, as well as sanding ect ect ect.  He also added cute wooden legs that you will see further down this post.

Since I am a cra cra crazy fanatic for mint green right now, I chose to paint this piece using Sherwin William’s Spirited Green.  I love how fresh and springy it feels!

And here it is!

We also added black stripes on the top of each drawer, giving it some more detail.

This project was simple but such a transformation.  Nothing a few legs, paint and some stripes can’t fix.  Thanks Sherwin Williams!

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  1. I just bought a midcentury dresser (for $15 at a garage sale!) and I think I’m going to paint it… I loooove this green! The dresser turned out great! ( :