My little guy turned 7 on Tuesday!  I can’t believe how quickly time goes by.  I feel like such a blessed mommy and so grateful to have both of my children.  Adoption was truly God’s gift to us.  My kids are heaven sent!

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See you next week!!

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  1. Kathleen on said:

    Happy birthday! 7 is a good age to be.

    P.S. I wish I looked half as cool at 7. Your kids have mad style.

  2. My girl just turned 7 too! Happy birthday Ethan!

  3. Christie Chase on said:

    Hi Kristen,
    Happy B-day to your little guy! I was so enlightened to learn that your children are adopted. It is such a brave choice, and one that my husband and I want to partake in to have a family. I read your interview on mom inc daily from last January where you spoke of adoption education being your passion. Do you have any info or resources available on-line? I am interested in hearing more about your experience, and gleaning more knowledge on where to begin the adoption journey.

    Christie Chase

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