Pure and Noble…

Remember this house tour??  Well the lovely Brooke of Pure and Noble has just launched an Etsy shop.  Yummy pillows, bags and totes fill this shop with perfect products.  Can I have one of each please??

How adorable is Brooke??

6 comments on “Pure and Noble…

  1. Melissa de la fuente on said:

    SO adorable, Brooke & the shop! Can’t wait to go check it out! Thanks!

  2. christine on said:

    Will definitely have to check her store out- just what I need…another Etsy store to love:)

  3. JEN RAMOS on said:

    TOTALLY cute, will check it out now thanks! XOXOX :))))))))

  4. Julie Holloway on said:

    I LOVE Brooke and her blog and her shop. You beat me to the punch about posting about it….but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind another one. (That plaid pillow is my fave!)

    Oh…I have you to thank for introducing me to her

  5. Ooooh! I’m loving that big bag with the cool chevron stripes and I love the colors!! will check it out! :))

  6. the tiny twig on said:

    yup, she’s daaaaarrrrrling.

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