Real Wood Floors via simply grove.


Real Wood Floors

Real Wood Floors via simply grove

I’ve mentioned to you that we are in phase 3 (or maybe 4?) of our house renovation. We finished the kitchen and we are about to start on the bathroom and laundry room. All of these projects are giving life to me, but there is always the stress of picking the right materials. We are going back and forth about flooring options. Do we rip out all of the old hardwood and start over? Do we do new hardwood on the laundry? So many options!

One company that has put my brain to rest is Real Wood Floors. They make the whole process that much easier for all of us novices. They have a plethora of finely crafted unfinished engineered flooring , including modern, classic and farmhouse options. Real Wood Floors strive to maintain the highest expectations of quality engineered flooring and blaze new trails in design and style, which I am all about!

Real Wood Floors via simply grove

via Apartment Therapy

I keep gathering inspiration pictures of flooring ideas that I feel would suite my house well. The above look is a bit modern rustic, which may not be the exact look I’m going for, but is sure beautiful in this space! Real Wood Floors has a collection called Chalet that fits this style perfectly.

Real Wood Floors via simply grove.

via Interior Design

This option would make so much sense in my home! The light wood tones and simple lines is beautiful. The Longhouse Plank collection and  Saltbox collection have options that would be very fitting to this look.

Real Wood Floors

via Lonny Mag. Design by Studio Shamshiri.

Here’s another light wood option. The Eighteen Seventy-Five collection has some gorgeous white oak options that could be the a beautiful addition.

Real Wood Floors via simply grove


Scandinavian style is timeless and effortless. The Longhouse Plank collection would be a stunning Scandinavian option.

As I continue to brainstorm our current flooring situation, I am confident that I will find the exact look. With the help of Real Wood Floors, they will think outside of the box and will be willing to provide services that give us clarity to our flooring.

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