Real Wood Floors via Simply Grove


Real Wood Floors

Real Wood Floors via Simply Grove

We’ve been juggling around the idea of getting new floors throughout our house. The original floors are in almost great shape, but there’s definitely some wear and tear. I’m also not a huge fan of the orange hue that sometimes the floors reflect. Again, it’s not terrible, but it’s not my favorite. After doing much research, I’ve found a flooring company that both creates beautiful floors and has a fantastic mission. Finding companies that partner with important causes is a win win situation!

Real Wood Floors not only produce some of the most beautiful wood floors within a good price point, but they also supply and install new flooring in Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village in Tianjin, China. Their mission which started out by simply sponsoring two orphaned children for $35/month has now turned into a pursuit of finding a home for every orphan in the world. Which sounds very pie in the sky until you find out that they’ve already helped finance 30 special needs adoptions (adopting can be very expensive), they’ve also built several orphan care facilities in Africa and Asia, installed 56,000 sqft of hardwood floors (for free) in an orphan care facility in China and they are currently funding the educational needs for 400 orphans in Cambodia and India. What started out small has become really significant and they are very serious about accomplishing their mission. Probably the best test of how real a mission is for an organization is does it bleed over into the private lives of the individuals and I was impressed to find out the CEO, VP of Sales, CFO and their Digital Marketing Manager have all adopted children into their families. Amazingly they have even inspired two of their clients to adopt special needs orphans from China. These guys are for real!

Real Wood Floors via Simply Grove

I placed an order to receive samples from Real Wood Floors. I love how they packaged each sample, and included some goodies, including more info about their orphan care. As a designer, presentation is everything. They did such a great job!

Obviously presentation doesn’t fix your flooring needs. The good news is, their flooring is stunning and of the highest quality! I have my eyes on a few options. Now I just have to narrow it down to my favorite, which might be too hard. I may need your opinion in the next few moths!

Real Wood Floors via Simply Grove

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