I don’t use a lot of red in my house but when I saw these flowers in my garden, I needed to display them quickly in my home! I love how they look with the patterned red pillow on my sofa.

Are you a fan of red in your interior decor?

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  1. Ana Zivick on said:

    I like to have neutrals as base. My furniture pieces and everything large in size is in neutral color. Then I like to use pops of color with accessories that I can replace or rotate according to seasons and moods. The other day something interesting happened. I served myself a giant bowl of cherries as I was lingering on bed with a book. I was so surprised by how my side table suddenly looked so much prettier and happier that I stated at it for a while to enjoy the view before eating the cherries. So do I like red? Definitely yes, and specially when used with moderation.

  2. Ana Zivick on said:

    * I meant write stare, not state

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