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Riad Tile, Americas Lowest Priced Cement Tile

Riad Tile via Simply Grove

Raid Tile

Introducing thee best cement tile around, Raid Tile. These cement tiles are GORGEOUS! Tile can be so daunting and so so expensive but Raid Tile is making this task extremely easy for all of their customers. These bad boys are the most affordable cement tiles around. Their prices come in around 40% lower than all of the competition at only $9 per square foot, and that is for ALL of their designs. I mean, don’t you hate it when you are searching for something and you find it in the exact same material with a different design you like more only to find the price has uncomfortably jumped higher?

And get this, these tiles are handmade! I absolutely love supporting those who make gorgeous handmade products and sell them at affordable prices because who does that anymore??

Riad Tile via Simply Grove

Whats really wonderful about tile in general is the versatility. This tile can be used in your bathroom, kitchen and even in your mudroom. Wether its on your wall or your floors these tiles are sure to make a beautiful impact in your home.

Riad Tile via Simply Grove

I’m obsessed with all of their designs, seriously not even one of their tile designs makes me say “eh.” These patterns are both bold and clean making it easy to incorporate in your home without overwhelming a space.

Riad Tile via Simply Grove

Raid Tile, you get a A++ in my book.

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Photography provided by Simply Grove

This blog post is sponsored by Raid Tile. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Except that the shipping cost is absolutely through the roof! I tried to order two boxes of tile ($94) and the flat rate shipping to California is $292, no matter how many boxes you order! Needless to say, I did not order this tile. Too bad, it’s so beautiful, but unless you live in Southlake, Texas and can pick it up locally (or you’re ordering like 50 boxes), the shipping makes the cost of this tile way, way more than $9 a square foot.