Rules Broken…

I started re-arranging my sofa pillows the other day so that I could add some new pillows for the spring.  I noticed how pretty it was to add spring tones to some of my Aztec inspired pillows.  Even my floral pillows look super fun with the more winter inspired patterns.  This is why I love design so much.  It’s all about the unexpected and the sometimes unwanted.  Who says we should stick to the rules of design??  Are there rules?  And are there any design rules that you would love to break?

Image via here.

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Comments (5)

  1. You’re so right. There is no need to completely switch things out with the seasons. I love being able to add a little here and there to change with the seasons. Great reminder 🙂

  2. I pretty much break all rules. Mostly because I decorate for the house I want, not for the house I have. A girl can dream right?? Great post, cannot wait to see your place….you big tease!



  3. I think there are just guidelines but not any steadfast rules except “never say never”. Trends come & go, different finishes & materials will always be used in newer, contemporary ways so don’t say you definitively dislike something. Interior design, like fashion, music, graphics, etc…, is cyclical and what’s old is always new again.

  4. Rules or no rules I’m a mess, haha! We’ve been in this house a year already and we’re still lacking in furniture and artwork for the walls. Perhaps that’s because I’m scared of the rules or perhaps it’s because I can see what I want in my mind but can’t find it in the stores….maybe both…..eeep! Who knows! Frustrated lady over here, lol! : ) Awesome post!