Sang and Serena Company…

These gorgeous pieces from Sang and Serena Company are Bone and Mother of Pearl inlaid.  Amazing!!

5 comments on “Sang and Serena Company…

  1. Will on said:

    Such beautifully crafted pieces…fun shoot location, too.

  2. Serena on said:

    Thanks so much, Kirsten! And, Happy Birthday to your husband from me and Sang!

  3. Piper on said:

    Love the product styling – too fun!! can’t believe it’s bone & mother of pearl – wow!!

  4. Linda on said:

    Wow, Love the scale and contrast between the gritty warehouse space
    and the intricate furniture pieces. Beautiful!

  5. WOW I love these pieces!
    Ha I thought the Linda post above me was maybe my sister! ;) It’s ecxactly how she would talk!

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