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Serving Boards Perfect for Holiday Charcuterie

Via SS Life + Style

It’s holiday season! Which means going to the nines on the presentation of all things food and beyond. I’m not one to cook but I can put together a pretty great charcuterie board if I do say so myself. Which also means, I love a beautiful serving board! To make your holiday charcuterie board even more special this year we have put together 12 beautiful and functional serving boards. Happy shopping!

row 1

  • Oval Marble Cheese Board $16.99
  • Slate Cheese Board $20
  • American Atelier Marble and Copper Hexagon Cutting Board $21.99

row 2

  • Green marble cutting board with strap $22
  • Marble + Wood Cutting Board $31
  • Grey marble tray/cutting board $32.99

row 3

  • Mango wood board $60
  • Petrified Wood Cheese Board $63
  • Agate Cheese Board $78

row 4

  • Marble Serving Board $78
  • Puebla Marble Serving Board $95
  • Caribe Wood Trays $105

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