SG’s Newest Member…

Today is a good day! Why?? Because I get to tell you that Simply Grove has expanded and now welcomes Elise Vaughn as SG’s one and only DIY contributor!! Elise and I have worked together in the past (remember Brass Razoo?) and we just get each other. Elise is an amazing clothing designer, jewelry designer and home designer. She can create something magical out of almost nothing. Her creativity is astonishing! So lucky for you and I, she will be bringing DIY’s to all of us that will make our houses that much more beautiful.

PS: Above is just a preview of what’s to come!
PSS:Check out Elise’s ETSY shop and you will want EVERYTHING!

3 comments on “SG’s Newest Member…

  1. Rebecka on said:

    I love the photos on this blog but I can never read the text! Is it just me?

  2. LADY – I MISS YOU! Oh, yes, and this is totally awesome and now I want one.

  3. Abbie on said:

    Ohhhhh!!! I want that mirror.

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