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Share with the class…

Favorite feature in the room?  Least favorite?

via Ikea Family Live.

15 comments on “Share with the class…

  1. Heni Anderson on said:

    Favorite feature is all the light that enters that space. I love a room with lots of lights.
    Least favorite has to be the bathtub.

  2. Behind the Lashes on said:

    Favorite: use of color. I’m a huge color fan!
    Least favorite: where’s the door?? haha

  3. Favorite is definitely the mirror in the bathroom, I’m a huge fan of big mirrors free standing. Least favorite…the upside down trash can next to the tub, I think some natural wood there would look so good with the yellow.

  4. bink & boo on said:

    The first thing I noticed was the striped robe, so I will call that my favorite thing. I am not so crazy about that trash can upside down.

  5. A Merry Mishap on said:

    I like the beanbag chair, I hope that counts even though it’s technically in the next room. The lack of door is kind of freaky, but I don’t live there so who cares.
    I really don’t like the pink drumshade.

  6. A Merry Mishap on said:

    Wow, did I really just say that my favorite feature was the beanbag chair?! What is wrong with me. Don’t answer that.
    I’m going to say I like the yellow tub. It looks fun and something I would imagine kids would like.

  7. the mirror is amazing!!!!! wowwwww love it!!!

  8. I really like the mirror and the bird “tapestry” above the tub. I don’t like there not being a door, mainly because I like to be all steamy and warm after a shower or bath, and I think there would just be a chill! (Okay, I’m projecting because I live on the east coast now.) I’m not a huge fan of that color yellow, but it seems to work in that space… and I agree with Julie that some natural wood table or something would be a better look than the yellow trash can….

  9. Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy on said:

    Favourite – the fabric hanging over the tub
    Least Favourite – the yellow tub – just too bright for me!

  10. elissa @ faucethead on said:

    favorite: that mirror, although there could be some weird angles getting in and out of the tub…just sayin.
    least fav: the upside down trash can.

  11. Abbie Florence on said:

    haha Elissa! too funny, my favorite I think has to be all of that natural light and the light fixture…my least favorite i think is the bathtub and wall being painted the same bright yellow (too much?)….Also, is that insulation sticking out of the doorway? I can see that ending badly :)

  12. Emily Z. on said:

    Favorite: Oh my heavens, that yellow tub and stripe are positively *inspired.* Perfect perfect yellow: in a more ‘polished’ space it might be a bit much, but with the textured, rough-finished walls it’s ideal. This is my first time commenting on your blog, actually, and it was the deciding factor.
    Least Favorite: The lack of a door would weird me out to live with, although it does open things up nicely for the picture.

  13. Umm ha I love the robe! And the natural walls…
    Least-hem the pink lampshade? Is that what that is? I’m not a fan of decorating w pinks. (Unless I had a girl-then I would ha)

  14. CrowNology on said:

    I LOvE the art work above the bath…Painting? Textile? It’s fabulous.
    I at first glance thought that there was a pink telephone on top of the yucky upside down garbage pail…That whole set up would’ve have been the worst feature but upon closer inspection I figured out it was shampoo or something as innocuous…So it’s the yucky garbage pail.
    I really like the space.

  15. the light in the room! and it looks like it’s an open floorplan, which I like

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