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Favorite feature in the room? Least favorite?

via Lotta Agaton.

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Comments (14)

  1. love the light- the scale is perfect. I like the flooring as well- makes the room float-

  2. Love the large windows & the rich wood tones that contrast with the whiteness of the room. I also love the lighting that washes the wall in brightness.

    Not a fan of the transparent bins in this setting. I would have liked to see a more interesting storage solution.

    Overall, though, I really like this room!

  3. Favorite {although I am very tempted to write ‘favourite’}: LOVE the spaciousness under the table and how it is filled by the sculture-like chair legs

    Least Favorite: the window treatment choice. not classy enough for this space. Are those metal vertical blinds????


  4. Hmm..my favorite will definantly have to be all the books on the shelves. Least favorite..umm I love to live in color, would paint the walls a little warmer color. but other than that its a great room!

    Cute Blog by the way! Glad I found ya!


  5. I actually really love all the book spines in this room-it gives warmth. I love the taaalllllll curtains-I can’t wait for that in my own home someday 😉
    I also love that they made personal touches-ie family pics.
    There’s not much I don’t like-if I had to pick something I’d say the frosted box organizers-they seem college(y) to me. I would have gone w leather or suede.

  6. I have no beef with this room.
    I can’t think of anything that I’d need to change.
    If I lived here I might want to put a rug somewhere but I don’t think the absence of a rug is a negative quality either!

  7. Fav: Big window, amazing, it’s styled like a small window but gargantious proportion is inspiring. Not Fav: Messy books shelves, give me a facial tick but that prob someone’s fav!

  8. Favourite has to be the large window, and least favourite the dining chairs. Ghost chairs would look great here I think.

  9. LOVE the high ceilings in this narrow room with the incredibly large window. And the ultra white. I can’t lie- There’s nothing I don’t like in this room.