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Favorite feature in the room?  Least favorite?

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14 comments on “Share with the class…

  1. Ooh I love! Pretty much all of it-although not so sure on the polka dots…I would have prefered a stripe in the same color way…lovely though!

  2. Jordana @ White Cabana on said:

    Most Fave: Fish mobile.
    Least fave: Blanket.

  3. favorite is the fish mobile….least favorite the polka dot sheets

  4. Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy on said:

    Love the crib and the blanket!

    Not sure about the fish mobile!

  5. the blanket, the fish, the polka dots, the trim….not a fan of the scratch looking rug. I’d opt for something softer and warmer

  6. not a fan of the blanket–it doesnt seem to go with the room!

    favorite is the fish. :-)

  7. Shanon{MyFineGarden} on said:

    Favorite: The blanket. It makes the room, along with the fish. My eye keeps going back to it.

    Least: The rug. It seems boring and maybe over-sized for what seems to be gorgeous floors.

  8. Carissa on said:

    Fave: white walls with fabulous paneling
    Least: the blanket

  9. I actually like the whole room….but if I had to pick a least favorite, it would have to be the blanket.

  10. A Merry Mishap on said:

    I love it all, no problems. Lena is amazingly talented and has such an eye for pattern. I especially love the Pendleton baby blanket, makes me almost want another. The simple wooden mobile, soft neutral sheet and jute rug are so appropriate for a baby!

  11. Genevieve on said:

    Love the rug and the fish mobile. Don’t like the pattern on the blanket.

  12. Chelsea Smallwood on said:

    Fave: The walls – gorgeous!
    Least Fave: Blanket. Reminds me of an American indian poncho or something.. Not a fan.

  13. Juliet :: Urban Nest on said:

    Love the fish mobile and sophisticated paneling on the walls.

  14. Great question. I love it, but that blanket is so not my style.

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