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It’s not often that you hear of a company that excites you to no end because of their mission statement. When first viewing Cuyana, I was floored because of their beautiful website and amazing products to shop. I then took a deeper look and learned a few things about them.

Cuyana believes that you should shop consciously. They work with suppliers all around the world. Working with local craftsmen, they transform textiles and metals into unique, limited-edition accessories. They trace the story of each piece from conception to execution. Every Cuyana creation has a clean and modern design esthetic embodying the cultural heritage of the source country. The final product is filled with soul, making every item collectable, lovable, and givable. AND they donate a percentage of our profits to charity:water.

The mission of Cuyana is to clean up a lot of the supply chain and create a brand where they don’t need to charge huge markups.

I put together a collection of products that I think will be PERFECT valentines gifts. So if you are wanting your loved one to buy you something amazing, send them this link and give them a “hint hint”.

Shop Cuyana here.


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