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SG Project {living space update}…

There are some little changes happening in the Simply Grove household. With fall here, I wanted to add some cozy details. Besides my mini pumpkins proving fall has come, I have added a lamp, throw, and candle all from Pottery Barn.

The Photographer’s Task Table Lamp has been quite a hit in my household. My kids enjoy reading books under it before bed and the lamp adds an industrial feel to my soft living space. The Flameless Mercury Candle Pot fits in great with my other decor. I always always ALWAYS have candles lit in my office, but you can never be too safe when you have littles playing and wrestling in the living room. This candle lights up and gives off the perfect glow at night.

For my most favorite new accessory, the Crochet Knit Trim Throw is soft, neutral, and gives a vintage appeal that only a very special great grandma’s knitting could do. You can’t find a timeless throw, brand new, like this very often. I’m oh so in love!

All images by Kirsten Grove.

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  1. what a gorgeous little corner of your home…it’s definitely cozy. and that throw is gorgeous, and i’m happily surprised to see it’s from Pottery Barn…great find!