Sneak Peek {My Headboard}…

Here is a sneak peek of my new headboard!  I love it!  The platform is being made right now and once its complete, I will give you another peek.  I love the roughness of this piece in my room.  It’s polar opposite from my girly UO headboard that I recently sold on Craigslist.  You like??

9 comments on “Sneak Peek {My Headboard}…

  1. Shari on said:

    Yes, I do! I think it’s fab! I’d probably end up stringing some paper garland across a corner, or something… or maybe drape some string fairy lights across it, for some whimsy. I love whimsy!!

  2. Ellen on said:

    fearful of lights looking down on my sleep…..smiles.

  3. Sarah Klassen on said:


  4. Sarah Klassen on said:

    I just got your message re: Klassen / It’s definitely quite a last name, but actually, my Step-Father’s. My real last name is Valkenburg — see why I do not use it? Long Dutch last name… and I have gone with Klassen since I was about 6 — when my Mum re-married. Much nicer and shorter to say, for certain! Sarah Klassen works better I think :) As for the Klassen side, they originally are from Germany then moved to Russia, and about 50 years ago, came to Canada. Many are still in Germany, though, as far as I know, and we keep in contact with some of them. Nice people, very nice :)

  5. Rebecca on said:

    I am on the hunt for a new headboard and I LOVE this. Are you making it? What kind of wood are you using?

  6. janet klassen smith on said:

    You’re amazing! Come decorate in CA for me. Internet off today-see you on the other side! xo

  7. Kelly on said:

    Oh my God!!! I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see the whole room. Show more…. x

  8. simplygrove on said:

    I had it made. We used old bard wood! It is super easy to make:):)

  9. Abbie Florence on said:

    Ok ….I WANT ONE!!! seriously :) love it

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