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Samsung SmartThings Wifi via Simply Grove

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Picture this. One kid watching netflix on one TV, the other kid on her phone making videos and listening to music, myself working on design projects online and my husband watching hulu on the other TV while surfing the web. This doesn’t always happen at the same time, but when it does it makes for REALLY SLOW Wi-Fi. And now that I work from home alot, I can’t afford to have slow Wi-Fi! Samsung has launched the most convenient way to connect, control and protect your home from near and far. This makes life so much simpler, which we all need! Introducing  SmartThings Wifi – a whole home Wi-Fi system and smart home hub, combining the power of mesh network technology and home automation. With this revolutionary new offering, you’ll be privy to faster, more reliable home Wi- Fi coverage with Plume AI-based mesh Wi-Fi optimization technology, and easier set up with home automation by using the SmartThings app.

There are several reasons why we chose to use the SmartThings Wifi. For one, this 3-pack covers up to 4,500 Sq. Ft. You can view the health of your network and how much data devices are using and you can manage guest’s access and kid’s Internet time. Brilliant!

We chose to put one in our bedroom, one in our back family room and one in our kitchen. That covers the corners of our 3,000 Sq Ft. home. So far we’ve had the best service ever!

Samsung via Simply Grove

I love the simplicity of these devices. They’re small and very low profile. You don’t really even notice them! I do a lot of late working in bed, so having one in our bedroom made sense. Our bedroom is also at the very end of the house, and most of the time our Wi-Fi has a hard time making it all the way down the hallway. SmartThings Wifi works to eliminate dead zones in the home by using AI-based Wi-Fi technology developed by Plume, a company Samsung partnered with to deliver corner-to-corner home Wi-Fi.

via simply grove

Another favorite highlight is how easy set up is! After following a simple setup process, mesh Wi-Fi will optimize home will be covered with good Wi-Fi connectivity within 30 minutes. SmartThings Wifi will continue optimizing throughout the next few weeks, allocating capacity to the rooms and devices that need it the most, learning your device routines.

via simply grove

via simply grove

Displaying these around the house will not take away from the design of your home! They’re super easy to tuck away while still working like champs. The other dead zone in our home is the back family room. I added the SmartThings Wifi on my plant shelf. Can you even spot it? It may take a sec.

via simply grove

All in all, this was a great decision for our home! Creating a smart home allows life to be run a little easier. Shop SmartThings Wifi here.

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