Spotlight {Baum-Kuchen}…

If you need a beautiful and unique gift or if you’re in need of something special for your home, you must check out SG’s sponsor  Baum-Kuchen.  Baum-Kuchen has curated a unique collection of objects for their shop.  Their shop mantra is “simply beautiful, emotionally durable… and very very useful”.  The mt Masking tape collection has every color of washi tape that you need.  I personally have my eye on the 4th Market pieces.  Especially the Ricotta Milk Pot.

Happy Shopping!


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Comments (2)

  1. I linked over from Design Crush – I love Baum-Kuchen…their masking tape (similar to washi?), looks fantastic and is going on my Christmas list!

  2. Tenaya,

    So glad to hear your thoughts and feedback on our shop! mt Masking Tape is a brand name for washi tape! Their collection of colors is fantastic:) Hope to see you at the shop sometime in the near future.