Sputnik chandeliers under $400 via Simply Grove


Sputnik Chandeliers Under $400

Sputnik chandeliers under $400 via Simply Grove

Via The Brick House

If you caught our How to Get the Mid Century Modern Aesthetic in Your Dining Room post then you know how well a sputnik chandelier looks in a Mid Century Modern space. Although I don’t think you should ever think twice about purchasing a sputnik chandelier, they are not cheap. Which is why we have found 10 sputnik chandeliers all under $400.

sputnik chandeliers under $400

Sputnik chandeliers under $400 via Simply Grove

  1. Sputnik 10-Light Pendant Light. Houzz $129.99
  2. Cyrus 6-Light Sputnik Chandelier by Ink + Ivy. Wayfair $171.58
  3. Space Hanging Chandelier. Froy $179.00
  4. St Helens 5-Light Sputnik Chandelier by Mercer41. Wayfair $222.99
  5. Sputnik Chandelier Light Fixture. Houzz $239.90
  6. Antique Gold Modular 8 Bulb Chandelier. World Market $249.99
  7. Mobile Chandelier. West Elm $299
  8. Mid-Century Modern Mobile Chandelier. Shades of Light $355
  9. Armstrong Chandelier. Lighting Connection $358
  10. Eleanor Pendant. Rove Concepts $396

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