Swing Table…

And we have a winner for being the coolest furniture concept EVER!!!  Duffy London has created the Swing Table.  Perfect for your conference room or dinnertime!  Because I am a swinging fanatic (I love hammocks, rocking chairs, swings, porch swings….anything that can swing me to serenity) I pretty much think this is the greatest invention to date.  Just don’t pay any attention to the price.

Would you love this, fall asleep or never even consider it??

via Apartment Therapy.


3 comments on “Swing Table…

  1. Krista Ellis on said:

    Can you imagine trying to get your kids to “sit still” at the dinner table and eat?! But if I had a mansion and a cool hang out room for the kids, I would put this in there!

  2. simplygrove on said:

    Ha! Yes, it would be a little chaotic!

  3. annemarie on said:

    I want this. lets swing together

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