I always have me eyes open for new product alerts. These may not be brand new to the market but I think you will all enjoy them. And I need that bird art!

1. Recycled Tent Rug 2. Nordic Dresser 3. Bird Art 4. Brass Light






I wanted to share with you the launch of the Artist Spotlight Series from framed & matted which debuts with Los Angeles-based photographer, Max Wanger. This project offers the opportunity for framed & matted to partner with a different artist each month to create a featured framed artwork. As you can see, Max Wanger’s Tulum print is snug and safe in my living room. I adore this print! And I double adore what framed & matted are doing with the Artist Spotlight Series. 

Purchase the Tulum print HERE for only a few more days! Hurry!




You are going to LOVE this DIY, coming straight from our DIY contributor Elise Vaughn. It’s Cinco De Mayo inspired and a perfect addition to your walls.

This fun project was inspired by the Mexican Star weave.  Most of us have done this weave with four Popsicle sticks at a camp during our childhood.  With this version I added a couple more sticks and made it a bit larger. You can make yours as large or as small as you want- the length of your sticks will determine the diameter of your woven star.


Branches or wooden dowel

Lay the sticks over each other so that they all cross in the middle and are spread evenly apart.

Attach your sticks together laying the yarn over the middle of the sticks with a long tail.  Begin wrapping the sticks with the yarn in figure eights around each of the sticks and securing them in the back by tiring a knot with the tail of the yarn.  -the sticks will still move around and will become more secure as your weave circle grows larger.

Next select your first color and tie the end around one of the sticks. Then start wrapping the yarn around each dowel- the pattern changes when you start from under or over the stick.   You may want to practice a few times around until you decide on the pattern that you want to establish. When you are ready to introduce a new color simply tie the ends of the strings together and continue wrapping.  Try mixing different types of yarns with different textures and thicknesses to add variety and texture into the weave.

Once you have obtained the desired size of your weave you can either leave the extra length of sticks or simply saw them off. And presto:)

Check back tomorrow for more weave art inspiration!

Cheers, Elise (Check Elise’s kids clothing line here.)

DIY designer: Elise Vaughn, Styling: Kirsten Grove, Photography: Kirsten Grove and Elise Vaughn.




Image: Sfgirlbybay. Photos by martin sølyst for bolig magazine.

Maybe it’s because spring is here but I am craving color right now! I love the look of a clean space with a splash of bright, beautiful color. I’m normally not a purple or pink fan but done right, I’m in love!

What are your thoughts on color? How much is too much>

Image: Apartment Therapy. Designer: Sarah Stacey.

Image: Home Life. Photography Armelle Habibs and Styling Julia Green.

Image: Livet Hemma

Image: My Paradissi. Design by Mim Design, photo by Derek Swalwell.

Image: Pinterest

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Image: Smitten Studio

I have always believed that entryways are an important detail in any home. It sets the mood for your entire space. We have a small entryway but I still decorated it and put my own personal stamp on it.

Here are some accessories/pieces that everyone should consider using-
Bench- Allows guests and owners to sit and remove shoes easily.
Sideboard- Great for added storage.
Mirror- Enlarges a space and allows visitors to have access for seeing themselves.
Hooks or Coat trees- Obvious reasons.
A tray- Great for storing keys.
Rug- Adds texture and warmth to cold feet.
Art- Looks cool.

Find more entryway inspiration below.

Image: Houzz

Image: Coco Lapine Design

Image: My Paradissi

Image: Asteria

Image: Carolina Iriarte



Elle Decor Spain

Regardless of your design style or aesthetic including art into your space is a fun way to create a focal point and is always a good idea. The way you prefer to style art will vary depending on your styling taste and degree of boldness. If you are searching for some inspiration to style art in your home, I have no doubt within these options will be a solution for you!

Keep it full of texture (above): In rather neutral spaces an art piece full of texture and opposing grains creates a great balance, with stunning after thought.

Signed By Tina

Keep it colorful: Many of you are drawn to this image because you know you want to add all your favorite colors but don’t know how to do it without overdoing it. One large piece of colorful art will surely cure the craving.

Apartment Therapy

Keep it patterned: For those of you that are not fond of abstract or free direction art will enjoy a large geometric pattern to give your vignette an organized feel.

Veronica Loves Archie

Keep it near sunlight: But not direct sunlight, the art near the open window draws the eyes to the hues and shadows of this incredible piece.

Design Love Fest

Keep it busy: Pair your large piece with other small (but as equally inspiring) pieces to have a lot going on in your space. And by a lot going on, I mean complete and utter gorgeousness.

Front & Main

Keep it simple: Naturally, many of you fall for this “matchy” art feel. Keep a strict color palette and neutral design for this look. Which is as stunning as ever in its simplest form.


Keep it on canvas: There are some art lovers out there that just cannot do large frames. And I don’t blame you. Canvas art will yield a raw and original feel and looks breathtaking in softer spaces because it creates such a contrast.


Keep it B&W: You might find yourself loving this black and white piece, and for good reason. This stunner will take your space to the next modern level, as do most strictly black and white pieces. Keep in mind a black and white piece will look amazing in both colorful and neutral spaces and will bring the contemporary out in either.


Keep it personal: Let your oversized art tell something about you. This beautiful piece creates a statement about the love for cars or maybe even that specific car. This piece might be so personal that the car featured is the owner’s car! With this option, the sky is the limit. Put up your passions to remind yourself what you love and for your visitors to admire.


Calling all art lovers! I find it so fascinating how easy it is to fall in love with a piece of artwork yet SO hard to take it home because of the daunting price tag! Fortunately, a new campaign has launched to close the gap between talented emerging artists and affordable original pieces. The Community Supported Art + Design Project gives us an opportunity to invest into local artists and select handcrafted pieces for your own collection at a very reasonable price. The city of Brooklyn is the first to launch this idea (Fall of 2013) and 40 more communities will be coming soon.

These are a few of my favorite pieces that came directly from the selected artists for the Community Supported Art + Design Campaign.

If you find yourself craving original handcrafted pieces, along with the ability to support local artists apply here.



listal.com and Art.com

Continuing our designer series, I am so excited to introduce my next featured artist! What a treat to get to know Nigel Barker who is known worldwide, and as of recent, for his amazing photography. Nigel has launched his collection through art.com, where he shares a wide variety of his favorite prints.

His inspiration for the art.com photography collection did not come overnight. He was inspired throughout the last decade and wanted to make his prints accessible to all, especially his favorites. As a global traveler he wanted to document his experiences in a beautiful way and naturally the collection for art.com came about.


Nigel’s collection include pretty extreme locations bringing incredible themes in his imagery, such as the ‘Moon Warriors’, and ‘Ice World’ concepts. Every concept has its own story of how it came about, as for the ‘Ice World’ production he was inspired by celebrating life. He spent two weeks off the coast of Newfoundland to witness and experience white coat pups being born and raised into young adulthood.

When asking Nigel if it brings him excitement knowing his prints are in homes all over the world, he said, “Absolutely!” He explained not only his prints, but really prints in general bring joy and happiness. He loves being able to invite the world on many of his magical journeys through imagery and he hopes the viewers are captivated by the honesty and beauty that lie in his work.


As an interior stylist I am always on the hunt for great art! Nigel wants his photos to compliment the imagination of an interior decorator and bring equal satisfaction that a great painting brings. He considers his photos as a window to the world, “You can live anywhere and have views of Central Park, the Atlantic Ocean, or beaches in Montauk…there is an image for everyone in my collection.”

Nigel is an expert in so many different industries as an author, spokesperson, TV personality, photographer, now artist. When asking if he considers himself a true artist he humbly states that he gives all the credit to the artistry that is captured in his pictures. He tells the art lies in the photos, “I set out to capture beauty and tell a story through my pictures – a narrative I either know in advance, or one that reveals itself to me as both the subject and I start to dance.”

Be sure to check out his photography collection now available on Art.com.





Lately on Pinterest I have seen an abundance of gallery walls that are both incredible and inspiring! What a great way to feature your favorites pieces. Gallery walls are so lovable because they can include photos, prints, textiles, ceramics, fabulous frames, kids art, and so much more that together create a lasting impression on your space. What is better than a truly unique featured wall in your home that speaks your design lingo?!

Our Cozy Casa via Pinterest

Hubsch Interiors via Pinterest

The Every Girl via Pinterest




Lindsay Cowles is a talented artist from Richmond, VA that I wanted to showcase this week. Her pieces are the perfect focal point for any space.

These are samples of her amazing wallpaper! Spruce up your home with a fun accent wall. Her wallpaper is available here.

Check out the rest of Lindsay’s collection here.


A good friend recently gave me this AMAZING macrame wall hanging. I gladly excepted!!

You can follow me on Instagram to see more.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend! See you here on Monday!

You can find me here:

A modern take on red, white and blue.

Decorating a modern entryway.



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If you’re needing some color in your life, this watercolor wall mural is just what you need! Via Bloesem.

I’m completely in love with these wall hangings.

Justina got a new AWESOME sectional. See more here.



Happy Monday friends!

Last night I captured this image of one of my closest friends, Katie, with her adorable baby, on Instagram. Besides the fact that I love her and her babes, I also love this space that she is sitting in. It belongs to my cousin Kelly who has 3 kids under the age of 2. Oh yeah. She’s amazing! I love the fact that through the business of life, Kelly has added personal touches throughout her home that are significate and personal to her and her family. With these touches, there isn’t lack of style in her home. One detail that I love is the canvas that has the dates of her kids birthdays and her wedding date. So simple yet so meaningful.

How have you added meaningful details to your home?



Happy Monday to you all! I’m running at turtle speed this morning. I’ve already consumed two cups of coffee and I’m thinking about starting on a third. With Summer here and school out, it’s already called for late nights and early mornings. Speaking of Summer, I have a question for all of you working moms with kids at home…….how do you do it?? Seriously! Do you work from home with your kids also at home? And if so, how do you keep them busy while you plug away? Because my office is in my home, it’s just them and I! I’m thinking about putting my kids in a few summer camps but on the days that they are home, I need some creative ideas so that they are not consumed with TV. Just a Monday thought!

Image via Petite Passport. How cool is that Flamingo???




Today I’m excited to share with you a brand new stationery line called Ferme à Papier or Farm to Paper, by Cat Seto. It’s Cat;s second paper “baby” and an illustrated collection going back to her roots in drawing/painting. It was greatly inspired by her first trip to Paris and Europe just this last October and seeing Parisian prepsters, eating supernatural food and visiting farms in the countryside. 

Along with cards and notecards, you will find prints and art canvas prints. A collage of them (like shown) would be stunning on an empty wall.

Shop Ferme à Papier here.