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Bathrooms are on my mind right now. Most of my clients are redoing their bathrooms and creating modern masterpieces. You may remember this bathroom above that I did for a client earlier this year. It was a blank slate that we filled with clean materials. I’m doing a bathroom right now with a similar vibe but a little more pops of gold. A lot of people ask me to refer them to sites that have good inspiring bathroom images. Below are some of my fave.

Pinterest– I’ve pinned over 700 bathrooms for your enjoyment.

Remodelista– You can browse some amazing bathroom images.

Houzz– Choose between a plethora of styles and sizes.

Design Sponge– Grace and her team have featured some amazing bathrooms over the years.

Domino– We wouldn’t except anything less than incredible bathrooms.


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House Tour via Simply Grove

This house tour is deeply rooted in scandinavian design. The simple neutral tones and textures throughout this home create a relaxing yet stylish space. And I love all of the simple art and pattern choices!

House Tour via Simply Grove


House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove

House tour via simply grove


Images: Alvhem

See the entire house tour here.



Image: My Instagram

I am working on a bathroom reno right now. The homeowners are good friends of mine that live in a 1920’s farmhouse on the outskirts of Boise. It’s an amazing amazing home that deserves a super cool bathroom. Large hexagon tiles have been on my mind a lot lately! Specifically black tiles with white grout. There is something so classy yet modern about these tiles. And mixed with the traditional subway tile…heaven.

Some other bathroom trends that are taking over right now?

Image: Blood & Champagne 

1. Round Mirrors. Forget the normal rectangular mirrors and opt for a round mirror. Ikea has my favorite option right now! Shop it here.

Image: Stadshem

2. Dark grout. It’s everywhere right now! And who wouldn’t love dark grout?? It hides dirt!

Image: Unfinished Home

3. Floating vanities. It’s like they are floating in the air. You can’t get more classy than this!

Image: Jacquelyn Clark

4. Brass Accents. I couldn’t leave this one out. Don’t think of brass as your grandmothers brass. Think of it as a rediscovered material that is back and is being done right this time.

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Image: Decor 8

Because the house that we are moving into is a downsize for us, I am all about studying the art of decorating small spaces. For some it can be overwhelming and for others it can be refreshing. For us, it’s refreshing. I’ve already given away bags and bags and boxes of STUFF. Stuff that I didn’t even know that I owned. It’s amazing what you can accumulate over time. Like who needs 4 sets of measuring cups?? No one!

Here are a few tips and tricks when decorating a small space.

1. Want to know a quick tip on what to keep and what to give away?  If you haven’t used it in 6 months, you will most likely NEVER use it. Unless of course it’s a holiday item or a recreational item. But if it’s supposed to be an everyday or every week item and you haven’t even touched it in 6 months, give it to someone who will appreciate it. One mans trash is truly another mans treasure…right???

Image: The Style Files

2. Wall space becomes very important in small spaces. You can’t waist an inch of wall space. Think outside of the box and use wall space for your advantage. For instance, the bathroom above probably needed more storage space for towels. A fantastic ladder became a towel rack and extra towel storage in one. Floating shelves and wall shelves are also an answer to prayer for small spaces. Just remember, don’t over decorate or over use shelves. It will add chaos to the room.

3. Lighting is everything! Lighting can make or break a room. Especially a small room! Use lighting to create a nice backdrop. When you enter an art gallery, you always walk into a strikingly beautiful space. Yes, the art attributes to that beauty, but the lighting is what defines the art and brings life to the art. Use that same rule in your home. The style of light can also make a tremendous impact to your room. Don’t limit yourself to a boring bulb just because you are focusing on a smaller room. Savoy House lighting can make it easy for you to pick some brilliant lights, add a subtle ceiling fan, a modern looking flush mount light, or even a chandelier. Additionally, it’s easy to shop by price, weight, finish, and a number of other factors. Look around and see what best fits your personal taste and aesthetic preferences.

It’s FUN to decorate a small space!! Think outside of the box and keep things light and bright.

BTW- the winner of the Rugs Direct giveaway is Christine Hughes! Congrats Christine!!!

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