We have a plethora of throw blanket options at my house. Furry blankets, soft blankets, little blankets…many blankets. My most recent blanket to join this massive collection is this gorgeous Happy Habitat blanket by Karrie Kaneda. It is my all time favorite! The quality is undeniable. It’s the perfect snuggle blanket yet still looks beyond stylish.

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My favorite luxurious throws are on FAB right now!  Scholten & Baijings created these blankets for color cravers! The Merino Throw blends the vivid Dutch design eye of Scholten & Baijings with the craftsmanship found at the 90-year-old weaving mill, Weverij De Ploeg. It is the softest blend of wool and cotton that you may possibly ever touch. The price is big but for design color enthusiasts, it’s worth it!

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You can never have too many throw blankets. At least that’s what I believe! By Mölle introduces blankets made of undyed Scandinavian wool. This pure wool is from Norwegian and Swedish sheep, selected by color and carefully spun. They do not dye nor bleach because they use the grey and brown shades as the basis for their graphic pattern. This modern blanket completely inspired by nature.

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I’ve had lots of clients and friends ask the question ‘how can I incorporate more color in my living room without being cheesy?”  I always encourage them to add color in the form of pillows and blankets.  It’s easy, cheap and when you get tired of it, move on to something else.  That’s why this blanket from HomeMint is the perfect must have for any home.  I love that it’s hand crocheted!  The colors are vibrant and poppy, giving your room lots of personality.

This blanket is apart of my HomeMint picks that you can find here.  If you decide to shop my sale, make sure to log in and take the style quiz in order to view my page, if you aren’t already a member of HomeMint.  AND if you purchase anything from my sale you will receive a FREE CANDLE from the HomeMint Candle Collection.   Make sure to add the candle to your cart and use promo code WATRLILY at checkout.